Child Neglect OR Abortion, are not related

Until recently i would never connect those two issues abortion with child neglect, but at least child neglect the kid lives, as i will explain. only recently a saw someone here TRY to justify abortion, to prevent child neglect so: first briefly we can test the claim:
a toddler terrible twos is Screaming about everything. shouted no no no about everything wrestles as much as he can; throws food everywhere and breaks stuff. now we test: a parents said "MY HANDS are my body my choice so i will clean the windows and rooms instead of feeding toddler and changing and bathing and cleaning the wrestler... does the excuse "my body my choice" work? that is called child neglect, a crime, and not her choice despite her body.
"i do not want to be a SLAVE to the baby" so abort him... at age 2? we know that cannot justify at age two years nor at two days... nor the day of birth but... a minute before? the SAME baby that came out was the same one inside.

an illustration of a pregnant mother growing her male human fetus
an illustration of a pregnant mother growing her male human fetus

my point has nothing to do with religion just logic which can seem cold-hearted but is actually the only way to be fair. a 14 week fetus is far more complex than a clump of cells and even three layers with different patterns and purposes is more complex than a clump of cells.
we will test each abortion claim with logic to be fair:
1 is abortion harmful? yes it harms the fetus every time. but ma danger is not every time.
2 is abortion painful? a fetus can feel in brain pain, like a child, long before it was born. maybe 14 week? nervous system. also even earlier the "burn reflex" localized reaction to pain, even before the nervous system grows completed.
3 the fetus is NOT the mother body as EVERY cell testified the D.N.A. differs from ma and often the blood type differs from ma too. so undoubtedly even if female fetus a different body and undoubtedly human from the moment the "zygotes" or whatever they are called combine into the human d.n.a. pattern with 46 or whatever chromosomes. not before join but when join it is human cells so cannot kill a human etc.
4 birth defects, if we can be rational? if a two year old has birth defects we cannot "end its suffering" with our action and same baby was the same one inside, a day before birth. nothing changed about the infant at birth it was the same one and as above different d.n.a. from ma even if girl... and more obvious if male fetus not her body. i read a "heart tearing" story of abortion where parents wanted an abortion, for birth defects, but could not hold the corpse. huh? if you want to hold the child, as you planned, let it live, get born and when born hold it? they could choose not to abort.
but it will die soon? that is not YOUR action. abortion is direct causal action killing it. and anyway, such instances are RARE statistically among births, we can't allow all unwanted baby for such rare instances. i doubt making a law for rare instances.
5 the fetus of rape? ALREADY conservatives compromised, in a law that passed see below, but that does not justify the many abortions in instances that are not rape.
i also have moral obligation to compare: a two year old, i cannot bear that my daughter needs to give weekly custody of my grandson toddler to the guy who raped her... can i prevent that for a two year old? certainly not and not even two days nor two minutes after birth... and again the SAME one outside was the one inside that came out in birth... that is logic and reality not religion... and the same even a month before it came out, even then more complex than a "clump of cells" but ALREADY conservatives passed a law in The House, in 2016 when rnc conservatives CONTROLLED house and senate and trump but they did not outlaw all abortion as the fear monger-ers claim they "will" but truly they had majorities and could but did not. probably led by trumps negotiating skill, they made a law compromising for instances rape and danger to mother, showing in action they are not uncaring to real danger to mother and real health care... but still the many unwanted, when not threat to mother, is not "health care of mother". and my argument is futile about after birth when both sides agreed. it still is worth mention for logic and to show that the conservatives and rnc are not as the pro-choice deceptively described them "uncaring for the danger to mother."
6 the PLACENTA is my body my choice", seems true but still the fetus is not her body as above. but what if i am a lady and my placenta etc. is serving the fetus. my body my choice not to be a slave to the fetus... only if it would not die, but abortion kills it, therefore logic is same as after birth, that claim does not justify neglect "my hands are my body my choice" to do other chores but not justify neglect, because crime neglect so must not neglect, same and worse than neglect before birth because the fetus will die. at least neglect it will live and still a crime certainly if the fetus will not live. a theoretical compromise would be to take out and put on life support? but i doubt that is practical so no option to kill the fetus unless threat to mother as above.
each of the reasons to try and justify abortion can be tested on the two year old... even if we completely ignore religion, and two day old we see these do not justify when protected but the one that came out, born, was the SAME one inside.
7 the newest attempt i only heard recently, later than hearing the previous complaints, but this was new to me. but the same method: if i do not want the baby and i am forbidden to abort him then when i raise him i will feel resentment and that is trauma... to ma and the child too. that is PART of the truth but what about the other part? does that justify killing the toddler? to prevent its trauma? no option to kill the child after birth to prevent that same trauma. therefore logically the same child who was born was the same one inside before birth... month before month, before month... until it was just a clump of cells before the mother knew it was alive and growing.
so in the end the issue is not pro-life, although religion does motivate many to protest, still in contrast to religion i have shown even without any religion by logical comparison, that the issue is WHEN is a fetus more complex than a clump of cells. so even if pro choice in the first 4 weeks when ma does not even know yet, still logically must be pro-life from fifth week logically and if that is the goal then the first step can be: now change the law like french 14 weeks just for a year, as adjustment until December 2024 to obey logic, but that is just my two cents.

Child Neglect OR Abortion, are not related
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