Pregnancy, baby and the nature

Pregnancy, baby and the nature

Howard W. Haggard is an American doctor and scientist. He wrote in his book: 'Devils, Drugs and Doctors' that... read about this book in an article... wrote in the book.

“For hundreds of years, giving birth to a child was a matter of going to the next world for women. If the child is born naturally and at full term, well done. If the birth was delayed, cruel methods were used: in many civilizations the woman was starved for days. With the belief that the child will also come out if he is hungry. It was not the knowledge that a child never goes hungry. The mother's body will continue to meet the needs of the child. It is the mother who will go through the pain….

In tropical countries, a woman would be placed near a burning fire for several days, or in cold countries, a woman would be placed under ice for a week - so that the child inside the mother would come out if it was in pain. In some places, a pregnant woman who came for whole days was taken outside the village and tied to a tree. A horseman came galloping towards the woman as if to give her a break, and at the last moment passed by.

All these methods almost always work because when the mother's body goes through labor, hormones are released (which are always released during any stress). Those that help to separate the baby from the womb.

Now for this work, if there is a normal delivery, then the injection of oxytocin hormone is done, it relaxes the reproductive organs and creates a feeling of love due to which the delivery becomes easy.

The mother is already given injections for tetanus etc. due to which the chances of infection in the baby are eliminated.

However, if the mother is experiencing repeated fainting or other complications during delivery, the child can be delivered surgically.

Apart from this, there are also injections for painless delivery.

The child then the mother from any kind of infection at that time There are thousands of ways to save.

Therefore, at the time of independence, only in India, a thousand children out of a lakh died at birth, and almost as many women died during childbirth. This number is not even close to 20 in developed states today.

Science made women's life easier. Otherwise, in the previous generations, a woman's life was spent in giving birth to a child every two years.

After marriage at the age of 15-16, after the birth of every child, it was common in our previous generations to get pregnant again in about one and a half years due to the lack of contraceptives, and most of the time it was bad, and to have 7-10 children as an average.

In this way, a woman has to suffer a double or triple pain, the pain of giving birth to a child, if she dies, and getting pregnant again and again and giving birth to children again and again. In this also he had to bear the burden and suffering of giving birth to a girl child. Not having a child, especially not having a boy, being infertile, then getting talismanic blessings from Baba Jogis and Sadhs, I don't know what else.

There is no count of how many women have been abused under this pretext. Science has blown it all away, tests tell the exact number of whether or not it's a boy or a baby in a matter of minutes.

It was not an easy task to follow, teach, take care of so many children. Fights, quarrels and much more.

In such a situation, where would he have time to study, work, improve his personality?

But science has made it easier for the woman in all these aspects, now she can prevent the birth of a child, then it is easier than before to give birth to a child, take care of it and survive.

Pregnancy, baby and the nature
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