Nothing works for my anxiety.

Nothing works for my anxiety.

I've always been a more anxious person but since the start of my relationship I feel like it multiplied, not necessarily because of my boyfriend but just life events in general.

I tried almost everything and nothing worked.

I eat healthy (most of the time) and go to the gym regularly. I also do yoga and tried meditation before.

I also tried anxiety medication before (xanax) which didn't work.

I tried those anti anxiety vitamin B and magnesium pills which also didn't work.

I know having anxiety runs in my family since my grandpa takes valium since he was young.

I don't want a life taking pills. I want a normal life. But every sort of advice I get doesn't work for me.

I also did blood test and I'm not lacking any vitamins.

it's not like my life sucks, I'm privileged but I feel like I'll always be insecure and sad.

Everything that makes me feel good is short lived happiness like making people happy, validation, getting good grades, spending money, sex, cuddles, music, working out,...

I feel like I'm a lost cause lol

Nothing works for my anxiety.
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