A simple explanation for autism

A simple explanation for autism

It's actually not too simple at all. The people who did the research I read deserve a huge round of applause.

What homocysteine is and what it does

Homocysteine (HCY) is an amino acid produced in the body that, when elevated, is a health risk.

By damaging the blood vessels it directly contributes to heart disease. And by dysregulating which genes should be turned on and off, it contributes to autism.

In fact, the intensity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is correlated to elevated HCY. Researchers found that even the family members of kids with ASD have elevated HCY.

The typical advice given to lower HCY is to take b vitamins (folate and b12 specifically.) However using common sense and removing bad foods from your diet will do more good. That means no more fried foods, candy, soda, pasta, bread, etc.

Another amino acid called glycine has been shown to be very beneficial at lowering HCY. In cases where HCY was elevated, it was even more effective at lowering HCY.

HCY causes heart disease, as I said. So out of curiosity I asked Google if heart disease is associated with male patterned baldness. And yes, it is. Bald men are 50% more likely to have heart disease.

The reason is that HCY damages the blood vessels of the body. Including blood vessels supplying blood to hair follicles.

HCY damages any collagen in the body. Meaning the scalp and blood vessels (made up of collagen) wouldn't have even grown correctly. And in fact, men with male patterned baldness have tighter scalps than usual. Meaning their body struggled to create skin as they grew.

Wrinkles are also associated with male patterned baldness.

In short, HCY is a problem. But it's actually manageable following the tips I've highlighted in bold.

A simple explanation for autism
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