Hypochondriac boyfriend pushing my limit - help please?

My partner is always - and I mean everyday - ill, whether it's toothache, backache or headache, there is always something. He comes home, moans about whatever ailment and then sits on the sofa and that will be him for the night. His job is physical and everyone is ill at somepoint. However whenever we go to other people's houses or we go out, strangely he's not suddenly overcome by illness. His behaviour to me is attention seeking, he'll wait for me to come in the room and moan in pain or roll around in apparent agony. I never say if I feel ill unless it's obvious, I was brought up to just get on with it if you feel rubbish.

We have a daughter of nearly two and I'm five months pregnant with our second. I can't help thinking he's always ill because he doesn't want to help me out. He's a good dad but he doesn't spend time with our daughter when he gets home, just says oh no this or this hurts and I want to sit down and he doesn't help around the house - even though I don't ask him. I cook, clean, everything.

Even if I'm having a bad pregnancy day - sickness and back pain, if I ask him to do something, aka change our daughter's nappy he will go on about how he's ill and won't do it. I'm not asking much and other than being pregnant - I'm never ill. I'm beginning to dread the birth of our second because I increasingly feel like a single mum most of the time.

How can I handle this situaion? This has been going on for about a year - his aches/pains etc but has got worse since I've been pregnant.
Hypochondriac boyfriend pushing my limit - help please?
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