Hello everyone can you help?

Hello everyone ,

I know you are expecting Kerbie but this is actually his partner Hannah here i am just borrowing his login which he lets me do since I dont have an account but i might get one soon :) anyway

My Kerbie was in a car accident on Tuesday , he's ok no injurues but now he's been hit with another person claiming personal injury through a private company for up to $38,000 dollars or 25,000 uk pounds he's now not only scared and and frightened he's lost every bit of confidence he had in driving and cannot sit in or be around a car including my own found that out when i took him to work & Jobcentre his morning to sign off with a large amount of stress whether he will get in a car with his mum I dont know but today we ended up on the bus and he's hardly talking to me about it , doesn't want to cuddle or be comforted by me he just wants to play his racing game on the computer which i know also indicates something is wrong as i am his world and he will stop anything he's doing if he can to mess around , cuddle or be silly with me.

and worse it's looking like its fraud and a case of crash for money his insurer have pretty much said he won't be held at fault for the road accident side as they have made no counter claim on that and Kerbie's insurer says he was not doing anything wrong.

I am deeply concerned gaggers because he's emotionally destroyed as if he's not there anymore I want to help him rebuild his confidence I at a loss of what else i can do to help him should i leave him alone and let him come to me or try and keep offering him affection and plenty of company

Thankyou lovely gaggers

Hello everyone can you help?
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