Help me lose weight/ tone up? :)

I'm not fat, but I want to lose some weight and tone up.

My main problem is I'm a little squishy, like my under arms, inner thighs, and belly.

I just want them to be firmer.

I eat pretty healthy, but with college fast food places have become a bad habit.

This is what I usually eat on a daily basis:

A special k bar or something simple for breakfast

A chic fil a sandwich or a slice of pizza for lunch (bad, I know :/)

A random snack in the after noon, nothing in particular. I love fruit and stuff like crackers.

And then I'll either grab a burger for dinner, or make steak or chicken and rice with some veggies.

One thing I know I'm really bad about is water.. I just hate it haha

I typically drink either a Gatorade, or something like Chrystal light or lemonade but I dilute it a lot.

When it comes to exercising, I'll do the elliptical for about 15 minutes and some crunches, push ups, squats etc.

I'm weak though and it sort of unmotivates me.

Does anyone have advice? I'd really appreciate it :)

Sorry if this was long
Help me lose weight/ tone up? :)
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