Does anyone have any tips for losing weight?

Weight has always been a big issue for me. As a child i didn't like food. I was stick thin. I was always the skinny small kid at school up to the age of 10 when i did a complete 1/80.

Luckily enough i lost the weight, i joined the net ball club and started eating better. As a teenager i hated the way i looked and would barely eat anything but i always believed i was ugly and fat when in fact i was probably looking my best.

I kept this habit up since the age of 19 when i started working in the event industry. Being on the road constantly and having a busy, high demand job meant at first my weight went down extremely fast but soon after i started eating junk food like pizza, McDonald's, Gregs because it was fast food and hit the spot when i needed it. I got up to 9 stone. I was also extremely depressed due to the toxic relationship i was in at the time and would always eat my feelings.

Now im at home again as I've lost my job I've started eating my feelings again and im in a happy relationship now so keep going out for dinner and being spoilt with food and snacks by my very sweet boyfriend and the quarantine diet is not doing too well either now. Im so bored i can't stop eating and im always hungry. I've gotton up to 10 stone. I've never been double digits in my life and its scary. Its effecting my skin and health too.

Im only 5ft and have a heart condition which means i need to stay a healthy weight so i don't put a strain on it. a lot of my family are over weight and have has serious medical problems because of it. My grandmother died from cancer caused by her poor diet and lack of exercise.

My boyfriend keeps saying wil do a diet together and feels guilty and blames himself for my weight gain but its not his fault at all i could always have said no. It's time i took responsibility for myself and lost some weight again. I've done it before and can do it again. I just need to stick to it this time but i don't know how when my life style is full of temptations.
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I wanna lose 30 pounds
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My family are always fat shaming me and if anything it makes me feel worse and doesn't help at all. I just get more depressed and eat
Does anyone have any tips for losing weight?
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