What are you a bit of a germaphobe about?

This is all before covid was even a thing. I won't use any restroom outside of home. Longest i held it was 4 days when out of town. I threw up everywhere soon as i got home lmao. I won't eat off metal utensils nor drink out of glasses. I only do paper cups/forks/spoons. I dont share drinks with others. I no longer drink out of soda cans. I don't know who all touched on the mouthpiece lol. I dont share lipgloss nor nail clippers. I clean my glasses, jewelry, and phones with alcohol soon as i get home from public places. I only touch doorknobs with the sleeve of my jacket. Otherwise i kick them open karate style then run through really quickly and people look at me likw im nuts 😂
#FeelFreeToList #Germaphobias
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I never said i dont allow myself to be exposed to germs. But if i can keep myself from certain ones, i will. So no i won't be sharing drinks and utensils. No i won't use bathrooms outside of my household. No i won't touch doorknobs nor will i be sharing lip products. Some of y'all can kiss my ass. Then again, i am a germaphobe about that too so blow a kiss and air-kiss it please 😘
What are you a bit of a germaphobe about?
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