Sick and tired of my BV, is there anyway to get rid of this crud?


Okay... im fed up. Im 26 and I've had "recurring" BV. At this point its not recurrent is just there. It hasn't gone away for 6 years. So basically from my memory I have been dealing with it since 2018.. its 2023 so... yeah.

It all started when i was 15 i got trich from a guy once after that nothing has been normal down there and i got that cured in 2015 and now i constantly have bv always. I think the only time i didn't have it was when i was 13... I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun.

I tried Veefresh which kind of helped, boric acid pills, sitz baths, apple cider vinegar, loose clothes, drinking excess water, changing clothes often, showering 2 times a day, changing my diet, quit smoking, eating more fruit, PH washes, antibiotics, doctor appointments, tests, treatments... NOTHING works im loosing my freaking mind and my boyfriend is starting to complain i get where he's coming from. Its ruining my life its so bad you can smell it just by sitting next to me in public.

I go to the doctor and get it treated, it goes away and then comes back 2 months later WORSE than it was before the treatment. In high school it was extremely bad. Was i like born with this or something? Why is this not going away?
My period blood smells horrid there's no forgotten tampon ir anything up there. I just want to cry... im so tired of feeling unattractive (when i know im not) and knowing people can smell me. Something has to give. I know my boyfriend is probably the cause as well since we are trying for a baby. Does anyone else deal with this?

Sick and tired of my BV, is there anyway to get rid of this crud?
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