Could u please suggest some tips for weight loss?

I'm overweight. And currently starting my weight loss journey.
And these r some of the things i'm doing :
1. I workout daily ; 1.5 hrs of full body strength training (body strength+weights)
& 1 hour cardio in the evening.
... doing these workouts daily.
I guess i should do strength workouts on alternate days to give tym for muscles' recovery.

2. I have stopped eating Junk foods.

3. I'm unable to cut the sugars off. Is it mandatory to completely stop eating white sugar? Is there any natural and side_effects free alternative to sugar?

4. As i'm engaged in strength training workouts, so i need. Ore protein right? But i'm unable to fulfill my needs of high protein diet from daily food items... because if i think of fulfilling protein requirements, the total calorie intake goes up 📈... so it shouldn't break the calorie deficit...
Should i take protein powders? But i'm afraid bcz they may have serious side effects in the long run.. is it true?

Am i going correctly with my journey? Is there anything else that you guys wanna guide me with? Some more tips or any corrections in what i'm doing?

I'd very grateful if u help me with🫶🏻
Could u please suggest some tips for weight loss?
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