Still not happy with my weight loss.. Is it a mental issue? Motivational help?

I was always a pretty... well just to say it, fat kid growing up throughout school... I was the guy who never got the girl because my weight would always hold me back. When I was a senior in high school I was about 6'1 and 280lbs. It was a really low part of my life and I was depressed with pretty much my whole life, but I never let anyone know that because I hid my depression. After I graduated in May 2008 I went on a diet (I called it) but I really stopped eating much, maybe 1000-1500 calories a day). By the time it was about May 2009 I was 205lbs and 6'2 an my mom started worrying about my health but I thought I was fine, she didn't know I was trying to lose weight until she noticed all my clothes we're to big. To make a long story short, I've struggled with my weight over the past years and I am now still 6'2 and around 220lbs. People say I look good but I don't feel like I do. I don't know what I can do to get more fit and get my stomach skin to tighten up because it's still flabby. I would be happy if I was like 200lbs and stayed that way... Now that I'm in college away from home I it's hard to eat healthy because I hate grocery shopping and I workout at least 3 times a week... usually 4. What can I do to stay motivated? I was eating healthy for a few days but then I broke yesterday and went out and had Chinese buffet... I feel like I failed myself once again. WHY IS IT SO HARD?!
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Everyone make's it sound so easy to do. It's not easy with all this food around me constantly... College takes up so much time it's easy to just go out and get fast food, which I hardly ever eat in the first place... I want to exercise more but most of the time I just say screw it, I think the hardest part is setting the motivation and then once I get going I break and feel like I've failed. I think I would be happy at 195-200lbs... So I guess I have a 20lbs goal to set...
Still not happy with my weight loss.. Is it a mental issue? Motivational help?
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