How is my weight loss plan?

So the last four months I've embarked on a weight loss plan. I monitor my calories, make sure to only eat about 1800-2000 a day, with a high protein content, and I lift weights three times a week. In the last three months I have lost 30 lbs, and I am continuing. However, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is "How do you keep motivated to do it?" I think a lot of people have this question and I think it is important for me to note that my motivation is probably the most important part of all of this. Well, here's the answer: If you want to lose weight, you have to hate yourself and your life so much that every day you wake up and wonder how you could buy some bullets and make them go off in your face without a gun because you can't afford that part. If you are fat and happy, you will fail miserably. People who are fat and happy I think are less likely to lose weight because they're happy. When you're happy with yourself and like yourself, why make a change? But if you're like me your fatness paralyzes you socially, coats all of your thoughts and actions with fear and insecurity, and makes you realize that one day you're going to be 65 and you'll have squandered your one and only life being a lonely fat slob. The change seems even less difficult at this point because you think "sh*t I might as well do it, there is no possible way it could make anything worse."

I never look at my workout as fun, that would be too self-congratulatory. When I work out I think of it as like a capital punishment that I have to do constantly for being such a sh*tty fat f*** my whole life. Really helps me stay persistent. I will take this time to note that with women it does tend to be a bit different. If you're fat and a girl there's still a good 20-30% of human beings who will talk to you and respect you on some level. I, however, and most fat guys, have to deal with something much different. I mean, hell, I'm at the point to where I am so convinced that I am an unlovable fat ass that I filter out the possibility that anyone could possibly value me. If someone touches me affectionately, like even non-sexually, a pat on the back? I hate it, I get angry. If someone ever flirts with me (lolololol like that'd happen) I will not notice because the thought that another person of the opposite gender could like me does not exist in my brain. Hate myself, hate my life, and am losing weight, and doing well at it.

So how do you feel about this? Does anyone think that the self-hate method may work for them?
How is my weight loss plan?
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