How do I tell my friend, she is fat?

OK. Now that I have your attention. I have no intention of telling her she is fat. She knows.

What I want to tell her is that she really needs to sit down with a nutritionist and learn how to eat healthy. We have been friends since we were little kids and I care about her like family. She keeps complaining about not being able to loose weight and now she is telling me about all these new health problems that have been developing, it's only going to get worse and I know they are due to her unhealthy lifestyle.

If someone is abusing substances family and friends try to help, why should this be different?

I have suggested she go to see a nutritionist without saying she eats unhealthy or attacking but she got mad anyway and truly believes it is not her eating habits. I have seen her eat hundreds of times over the years and trust me it's the food she eats and the amount she eats but she won't believe it.

Has anybody done this with their friends or family? How did you do it? What was the reaction? Did it help?

She is developing serious health problems and at such a young age and I am worried.
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Thanks for the input everyone. I will tell her once and once only that she does not eat healthy and that because she thinks she does she really needs to talk to someone who can teach her. Her lack of knowledge on what is a healthy diet is the source of the problem. Depression is just a symptom of the problem. I know that is not always the case but it is in this case. I do appreciate everyone input since I got so many different views on how to handle it.
How do I tell my friend, she is fat?
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