I really, really, REALLY want to wear shorts!?

My new exercise routine is the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred which I'll do 5 days a week, progressing a level every 10 days. It's interval training really, with cardio and strength training. Beforehand, I jog/jogged for 30 minutes. I tried it to day and it's a pretty good workout.

My calorie intake is around 1,000 calories, although I'd love to keep it less and mostly eat fruits and veggies along with maybe one or 2 sources of protein(still, keeping it low). I'm only drinking water & whey protein shakes as my lunch replacement.

Is this enough to go from muscular legs to thin legs? Is it enough for just weight loss at least?

I'm 5'2 1/2 117 but my goal is to at least lose 7 lbs before prom but my overall goal is 100

You don't know what my legs look like so don't make assumptions & I don't care what you prefer. Last time I checked there were plenty of dudes who preferred Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr & Doutzen Kroes and have no problem with their "scrawny" legs or them "starving" themselves, so get over it.
I really, really, REALLY want to wear shorts!?
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