Do you think you can be physically injured by lonliness?

They say people in relationships live longer lives. I'm sure there's a little truth in it, body chemistry changes for people in love and since people want to keep living for the person they're with and the pleasure the derive from their relationship they have more to live for.

Recently, though I've been wondering if the opposite was possible. I was in a situation with a girl that I thought was working out, but eventually didn't. The details are unimportant so suffice it to say that I was pretty sad about it, but got over it. Since then I've noticed I get this weird feeling in my chest similar to that "my heart skipped a beat" sort of feel, and it happens randomly so it's not really something I feel like is connected to stress or exercise, even though I'm not particularly sad now about the relationship failing, it feels like I've maybe done some actual physical damage to my heart.

Anyone think this is really something that can happen? or maybe it's just a weird effect that started after I worked out and didn't notice? Or maybe it's something else?
Do you think you can be physically injured by lonliness?
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