Skin condition preventing me getting to the gym....what would you do?

so, sometimes I get really bad eczema on the back of my neck, it's 100% non contagious and not a danger to anyone else besides me, I am on treatment for it but there isn't that much you can do and it always lasts for about a week..the problem is it looks really I'm covered in flea bites or have the plague not quite as bad as this but this gives you an idea -> link

i have really long hair which hides it in day to day life but at the gym leaving my hair down while I sweat it out on the treadmill is not an option and there is no way I can tie it up or braid it without exposing my rash for everyone to see, outdoor sports are not an option right now (I live in a big city and it's the middle of winter)

and there's nothing else I can do that gives me the same work out I can get from thirty minutes of intense cardio on the treadmill. and to make matters worse just doing activities that make you sweat aggravate the condition in the first place, .

im also on a mission to lose weight and get fit right now, which is going really well, I don't want to lose a week to sitting on my ass waiting for this stupid rash to disappear (which might come back a week later anyway)

so my question is what should I do? would you do?

go to the gym anyway and not give a f*** what people thought.


keep it hidden and wait for it to go away.
Skin condition preventing me getting to the gym....what would you do?
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