My girlfriend is sick and doesn't remember who I am anymore, what should I do?

I'm 24 and my GF is 23, we have been together nearly 10 months... live a couple hours apart but see each other a few times a week. We've kinda been through a lot... she's had surgery and I was with her the whole time, she was evicted from her apt and i sent $250 to help her get a new one. Gave another $150 for her daughters Christmas gifts and for her to be able to get treatments she needed when she was sick. When she had nightmares at 3 or 4 AM, she would call me and I always answered. When she was in a mental health facility almost a month, I worried sick about her and prayed for her every day. Even turned down 2 women who tried to hit on me.

She has been sick the past month or so, back in January she was in the hospital with pneumonia for a couple weeks... a week before Valentine's day she was sick again, but from what i'm not entirely sure. I have sent her $95 to get her RXs and I thought she would get better but she didn't .

2 and a half weeks ago she texts me after not hearing from her for a few days, and she is in the hospital again and needing surgery on her stomach. I never heard a word from her again, despite me texting a couple times every day... saying stuff like "Are u ok" or "I miss u"..."I hope u are getting better"... nothing. Until a few days ago, her cousin texts me from her phone saying she is alive but had a complication and isn't the same.

According to her cousin, she had a very high fever the night before surgery and had trauma.. was unconscious for a week. Caused brain damage... she lost her memory and may never get it all back... her cousin says she has her phone in case my GFs mom calls, b/c my girl didn't want ANYone knowing about her condition. Her cousin says she is trying to help her remember her 3 year old and get to know her again. And that its best if I stopped contact, saying its for the best. My car is totaled so i can't get to her. What should I do? How am I supposed to let her go?
My girlfriend is sick and doesn't remember who I am anymore, what should I do?
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