Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome

Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome

Let's face it...the winter holidays are for couples. It's really easy to start feeling lonely when everywhere you look there are couples hand in hand....smooching on eachother ...eww gross. Even the Christmas movies used to be cool like Die Hard, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Home Alone.

You almost can't find any NEW original good Christmas content out there...it's all rom coms and chick flicks with a Christmas twist. Makes you want to gag sometimes...no pun intended. No worries though....below I have listed why being single during the holidays is so awesome.

Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome

1. Hobbies

While everyone is getting the cheesy couple Christmas cards made you have time to enjoy that hobby of yours. This is the time of year not to sulk but to get out there and enjoy life. Learn a new skill or new language. Hit the gym and get a head start on looking good for the spring time while everyone else is waiting until the last minute to make a healthy commitment. Write that book you always wanted to write. You do you boo... and most of all do it well.

Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome

2. Money

All the money you would have spent on their present can now go to a weekend get away with a friend, a new purse, new earrings, etc etc. Spend a little more money on YOU this holiday season because let's face it ... you rock and you are worth it.

Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome

3. Food

Do you want to cook and eat what you cooked as soon as it’s out of the oven? No problem and no need to wait....grab that big soup spoon and dive into that brownie tray! I won't tell.

You probably won't be single forever, so you should take advantage of this time to do whatever you want...whenever you want...all the time. Yes go ahead fart...nobody is looking.

Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you for reading this short MyTake.

If you are single...own it! It won't be long until you look back and say "Damn I wish I would of done that when I was single."

Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Cynicaldreamer
    Thank you Coach!!! This post was definitely needed for some of us.

    Honestly being single at Christmas doesn't bother me much: it's not having anyone to talk or spend time with because all my friends and family are in relationships that's annoying!
    But I'm learning to treat myself more: I've been hitting the gym hard so I have a sexy body (and not get fat from eating all this holiday food).
    And 90 percent of the gifts I've brought so far are for myself :) I even wrapped them so I'd have something to unwrap on Christmas day, haha.

    "You probably won't be single forever..." Well... that's up for debate, lolWhy Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome
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    • Mooddie

      😊😊I am very happy for you. I love the positive mentality.
      But Nothing beats when someone other than yourself showers you with love. That sexy body is to be appreciated by that person.

    • That's what I am talking about! Very nice !

    • @Mooddie Thank you! I'm trying, even though I will admit, sometimes I do live up to my username of being cynical, haha

      Well I'm trying to get a sexy body mostly for myself: I want to be fit, healthy, and look good! But if the right guy wants to come along and appreciate it, he is welcome to :)

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  • DorkVader
    Single living!Why Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ToastyTimothy1828
    Valentine's Day was originally meant for single people not in a relationship, not for people already in a relationship.https://www.youtube.com/embed/8UT0GFTaSho
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    • I remember the same thing as I was a kid. So true.

    • Valentine's Day is now too heavily commercialized if you ask me. The same holds true for other holidays (e. g., Christmas). We want genuine expressions that come out naturally and spontaneously throughout the year, not because "well, it's a holiday!".

    • No doubt man no doubt!

  • Unit1
    Not gonna be single this time :)
    Why Being Single During the Holidays is AwesomeWhy Being Single During the Holidays is AwesomeWhy Being Single During the Holidays is Awesome.

    *cries hysterically alone in bed with pillow girlfriend in my arms*

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    • Ha Ha Ha cute little pillow you go there!

    • Unit1

      Cheers! I got her over 4 years ago πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      I sleep with it every night and cuddle it sometimes during the day.

      Yeah, I'm a crazy man. Don't tell me that now. Water is also wet πŸ˜‚

    • LOL you do you boo!

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  • Busty
    You have the best attitude to being single, it's so refreshing! Life is what you make it, you don't have to be with someone to be happy, and alone you must be lonely, you can be unhappy and alone in a relationship, it's just drummed in to you by society that you can't be alone, that's tragic and desperate in my opinion.
  • Mooddie
    😂this is a funny post, because this are things one will do before and after Christmas. It doesn't change the fact that I am still lonely no memories to share, no one to love and show me love and that's what Christmas is about, Love in any shape or form. After stressing with life from the beginning of the year only to spend it all on myself at the end of the year. Being lonely especially during Christmas sucks.
    • Yeah it does but... now is the time to mark some shit off your bucket list. So when you look back you can say thank god I did that.

  • FatherJack
    A good , positive take..." You probably won't be single forever " ... I will , as I do not want to even date , multiple job interviews are NOT for me , as are relationships... which to me = stress , aggravation & constant negativity. Single = a more free , simpler , less stressful life. Women and men are totally differently wired , with different and often conflicting needs and wants , therefore conflict is inevitable , and the norm in hetero relationships.
    • Hey thanks man.. There are definite pluses for being single that is for sure!

  • Dinklex3
    I don't see why people think holidays are just for couples though.
    I always have a blast with friends and family during this time of year.
    Nice take anyways.
  • Sensmind
    Nice twist on the fixation "Can you get lonely at the Holidays?" - To keep myself positive, I say a lot of it is first world angst like you are nowhere near as alone/lonely as a someone who is away from family/friends maybe an old person not social media savvy, a bereaved person spending their first holiday without their loved one, someone sitting at home while a loved one works in the emergency services/is in a combat zone.
    I will add your tips to my mental list, thanks
  • Boppy
    The's another way to celebrate, if you're feeling down for it.
    Spreading communal joy. Making brownies and giving them away, volunteering, and other stuff that is extra meaningful when everything is cold and grey.
    I'm alone and currently unemployed, so I have more free time than most, and it's a way to help my own mood as well.
  • stardust101
    Who says I can’t do these things when I’m not single? 😉
  • MissDawn7961
    the winter holidays are not for couples but do to Christ as in Christmas and he as nothing to do with couples at all ! the man who wrote this question is just jealous because he does not have his woman around to baby him ! Thanks
  • Nikki1989
    I have all of that and more while being in a relationship. Nice take though.
  • Danny_dan92
    I save money, can take the time to focus on myself

    that's about it tbh.

    downside is that I cannot have kinky Christmas sex and other perks of being in a relationship during this time
  • LiFe_HaS_No_PurPoSe
    I've been single all my life well 20 years and I feel p damn good... all i need is pc and games
  • gshobhit
    Coz you don't have to just call and tell everytime and everything that you are doing , to anyone
  • razzamatazzp01
    It's awesome cuz I can rub one out right there on the couch without anybody talking crap to me.
  • Connor-RK800
    I like you, mister coachTanthony. You're a nice man, I want you to know that.
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • Piteka5
    The holidays are not for couple, they are for family
  • Pete671
    Well said, thanks very much for your post,,,
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
  • producer
    Being single is never awesome
    • Being single during your life is "inevitable" kid so you better start realizing that and making that "single time" awesome because you will look back and tell yourself... damn it.. why didn't I take advantage of that time.

      Trust me... enjoy it.

  • HoratioCaine
    *toots* better out than in ;p
  • CT_CD
    Thank you
  • pigoat
    Cool other people needed this
  • Gsm24diecast
    Nothing new I’ve been single all my life.
  • KittyMilk
    You get to ho ho ho around
  • art84
    Awesome take on singles during the holidays.
  • Anonymous
    Because spending money=happiness
    Typical 'Murican
  • Anonymous
    I've always been single during the holidays
  • Anonymous
    I'm so glad I'm in a relationship.
  • Anonymous
    I appreciate what your trying to do but your just wrong in my opinion. Try being single for multiple holidays and years on end and your opinion would likely change as well.
    • It's not about right or wrong... it's how you choose to live. I have been single for multiple holidays in a row before and some holidays I felt bad and lived on the couch never went out... and others I kicked myself in the ass and got out there...

      Everyone is different... maybe just maybe someone will break the cycle this holiday and take some of this advice and apply it... or maybe not.

      If one person does I have succeeded. Either way I wish you a happy holiday... hope it gets better for you.