The Pros and Cons of Getting Rated


Just a few thoughts on all the How Do I look Threads:

The Pros and Cons of Getting Rated

PRO: You get a more realistic view of how "society" ranks you.

The thing with trolls and just unhappy people who aren't neccessarily looking to troll but for whatever reason rather unleash their inner jerk on the internet occasionally is that they don't neccessarily want you to know or even know themselves that that's what they're doing. The power in what they do is in you believing that "hey, they're just being honest. You shouldn't have asked the question if you didn't want the honesty." I've never asked a rate me question but I figure you'd have to play the medians to weed out those who are just trying to flatter you, just trying to insult you, or are just having a bad day. I guess if you can sense which posts are made genuinly you can in fact get a more realistic view of where society ranks you. Information isn't inherently bad and knowing you're closer to the bottom say can push you to go to the gym more wear better clothes and also work on your confidence since you aren't seen as a model. Or you can just ignore it and at least it's not a curiousity anymore. Either way, information is usually a good thing to have it's what you do with it that can be destructive.

CON: For better or worse it makes you self conscious

Whether you get cheered or boo'd the end result is you're thinking about yourself through the eyes of someone else. This leads to feelings commonly reported as "watching themselves" or feeling like wherever they went people were watching and judging them. It creates a preoccupation with the self such that you're looking at a physical projection of yourself in your head while you interact with other or that you simply feel people are looking for flaws. It's my opinion that we weren't meant to be so aware of the self in this way. Besides a river I guess, cave men didn't have mirrors and it worked for them. Strange analogy I guess but it makes some sense. Consciousness of the self can lead to painful insecurity, while ignorant bliss is often percieved as confidence.

PRO: It's an attention getter

For whatever reason, people seem to respond a lot to these threads. While I've written a number of intellectual questions and threads, I'm actually a bigger fan of those that garner lots of conversation good or bad since for me quantity actually beats quality since more people get a chance to see quantity. This is a site which used to be a support site but now is equally about entertainment. I don't judge that. I also don't write super "entertaining" threads so I'm not going to hate on ones that can.

CON: It's "taking the easy route."

It's hard to know ourselves. It's hard to feel comfortable in our skin. Sure, you can take the childhood approach and just remain oblivious to the fact that you have a body you have looks and hey it seems to work for you even though you don't understand it, but there's power in knowing who you really are and not only accepting that but embracing it. Loving the unique quality you bring to the world. Valuing yourself and your talents. When someone else does that for you, you're just piggybacking off of them and creating a dependent "leach" relationship. Don't feel bad...this is the majority of all relationships and the basis of what is mispercieved as "love" but that's for another post...

Tell me more pros and cons! Especially if you've done it or if you've rated a bunch of people.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Rated
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