Do Looks Matter? This is just a rant, but it's probably worth the read!


Do Looks Matter?this is just a rant, but its probably worth the read

First I wanna say, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I' m sure you’ve heard that quote before. Everybody defines beauty differently, but what one person finds attractive might be completely different than what another person does.

Has your friend ever liked someone and you're like: ‘What?!....But why?’ Though there are certain features or certain characteristics that many draw to you, there's not one exculsive model that defines beauty. That is what I honestly genuinely believe, that everyone is beautiful.

Do looks matter? To many? Ya they do. But sold with so many other factors, what's their personality like, what are their morals? Do they make you laugh? Do they have a talent? Can they sing? What is their intelligence level? How do they treat their family? How do they express themselves?

So many different elements play into what someone finds attractive. Are physical looks the only thing that matter? No, definitely not; unless that’s all the individual is after, and in that case I don’t believe theyre attracted so much to the person but more towards their body. Looks can't stand on their own. If you have someone who is very good-looking, but with a terrible personality, I don’t think anyone's gonna pursue them past looking at them. I don’t think it's someone's physical looks or physical features that make them attractive. It's all the treasures of the individual; what they stand for, their humor, how they react to live situations, their flaws, their gifts and everything that they carry as an individual.

You can't rely on the feedback of others to determine your beauty. One person's opinion of you makes no difference to the other person's opinion. Someone might find you unbelievably attractive, and someone else? Maybe not so much. You need to know your value and beauty for yourself, not based on what anyone else thinks or what anyone else says. You are beautiful not only for your physical looks, not only for your personality, but everything you carry as an individual.There is so much value in that. You are beautiful for being you.

Don't let anyone elses opinions determine if you're beautiful or not. What others think does not change the value of you. You can have a priceless diamond and someone might walk by and say, you know, I don’t like that diamond, that just wouldn’t suit me. But that doesn’t change the value of that diamond, irrelevant of what that one person thinks. It's the same way you can't base your confidence or security on other peoples opinions of you, cause then you'll feel like your worthless one day, great the next day.

You need to know for yourself the value of who you are and the beauty you contain and the person who sees that value in you; that’s the person whose opinion really matters.

Do Looks Matter? This is just a rant, but it's probably worth the read!
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