Looks Don't Matter? The Reality May Be Harsher Than You Think


Beauty is only skin deep, yet it's the factor which we first use to infer one's career, social status, and a shallow view of personality. It's a physical attribute we have long praised within humanity. However, as we've grown up, the idea of "just be yourself" has been engrained into our minds and to not be shallow creatures who value looks, however, it doesn't matter how much you deny the fact--people will initially judge you solely by your looks because that's the only source of information to judge you from across the room.

Looks Dont Matter? The Reality May Be Harsher Than You Think

Let's be frank here--we'd all prefer someone attractive over someone who is unattractive. There's nothing to deny here: if the personalities were absolutely the same and one was far more attractive than the other, who would you choose? In fact, there are studies which show that women would choose attractive people, even with worse personalities, over those who were unattractive and had better personality traits. Let's consider this study.

Researchers looked at 80 daughters and 61 mothers. In the first experiment, each woman was shown with three pictures of three different men. One of the men were considered "attractive," one of the men were considered "moderately attractive," and one of the men were considered "unattractive." Each photograph came with one of three trait profiles, of which including personality characteristics and attributes that were determined to be "highly desirable," "desirable," and "moderately desirable" in looking for potential romantic partners. The results had showed that as long as the man was at least moderately attractive, both mothers and daughters would pick the man with the most desirable traits. When an unattractive man was paired was paired with the most desirable personality traits, neither daughters or mothers rated him favorably as a potential partner. It comes to show that without knowing the actual personality of someone, looks are the main facilitator in determining whether someone is fitted as a potential partner--we have a minimum level of attractiveness.

Looks Dont Matter? The Reality May Be Harsher Than You Think

There's a reason for this, however. Particularly in our biological evolution, we have always wanted the healthiest partner for a successfully livelihood and children. Looks almost are considered as a compensation for the lack of personality. According to a study conducted by Dion, Berscheid, and Walster in 1972, people naturally associated physical attractiveness with positive traits such as being sociable, interesting, competent, and well-adjusted. Contrarily, unattractive people were more likely to be associated with bad qualities. This sort of stereotype functions in the dating world, friend groups, and job settings.

It's more likely that there are numerous studies stating about the importance of beauty, yet there are many ways that people compensate for the more unfortunate genetics they had been born with. Working out and makeup are one of the ways that we have utilized products for the benefit of the look. Some have taken to the measures of botox and surgery for satisfaction.

Although physical appearance remains to be the most important trait in judging someone else for the first impression and can allow for excuses for some sorts of personality flaws, we'd have to agree that personality tends to come a long way--someone who is less than average with a confident personality and takes care of themself is more likely to have a bigger game than the person who had a greater potential in the first place but never utilized it.

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Looks Don't Matter? The Reality May Be Harsher Than You Think
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