Why I am Happy with my Body


There's something I don't understand. Among all this body positivity shit you have people asking questions. Things like "what's your favourite body type?" "What's your dream body?" "If you could have any body, what would it be?"

I don't get it.

But then, I don't get most body positivity messages either.

I hear people calling everyone beautiful. I hear people saying that someone always finds you beautiful. That if he/she doesn't find you pretty enough then someone else will.

Why? Why do we say these things? They're so . . . Shallow. Stupid.

Not everybody is beautiful. That is a fact. An annoying, sad fact. But a fact nonetheless.

Not everybody is attractive.

Yes different people have different ideas of what they find appealing, be it big boobs, big thighs, skinny, long hair, short hair, bald. Maybe they like stretch marks, or makeup, scars, deformities.

But what are the chances of finding this girl/guy who is attracted to specifically your body, and having them like you for you, or you liking them?
What are the chances, that you find someone who likes everything about your body, but nothing about your personality. What if you find this person who finds you so appealing, but they look to you like the dogs breakfast at dinner?

There is somebody out there for everyone. Possibly. But that doesn't mean we'll all find them or pick the right one.

Now to get to my point.

Why am I happy with my body?

It's not because I'm skinny (im trying to put weight on)
It's not because I'm olive.
It's not because I've been called cute. (I've been called ugly just as often)
It's not because my friends use my head as an arm rest
Or because I can crack almost every bone in my body.

Why don't I hate my body?

I can't run without over heating.
I have pimples over my face, chest and all down my back.
I have IBS.
I have trouble going to the toilet and my GP says nothing can be done.
I have my grandmothers hands.
I have a BO problem that's a little hard to maintain.
My hair is always too long.
I keep being told to trim my eyebrows.
My toenails grow too quickly and often become ingrown when cut.
I've a high chance of problems with my uterus by the time I'm thirty.
I've a decent chance for breast cancer.
My boobs sag and hurt if I run or go up/down stairs.

I have a few good reasons to dislike my body. But I don't.

I love my body. And not because my boyfriend calls me cute, not because family call me a looker, not because "somebody will find you attractive" I love my body because it's mine.

My body is mine and nobody else's.

Why I am Happy with my Body

I don't want a different body. I don't want smaller thighs, I don't want bigger hands, lighter eyes, 'kissable' lips. Because that's not my body.
My body is big thighs, tiny hands, dark eyes and lips of whatever. My body is unique because it's on me and would suit no one else.

Wanting a different body, is like wanting to copy another artists work.

It looks good, sure. But it doesn't look like you, and you are gorgeous in your own right.
As long as you believe so.

So to conclude, not everybody is beautiful in the eyes of everyone else. But that doesn't matter. As long as you love your body, it shouldn't matter what the haters think. It's all about you, and how you see yourself.

Thank you for reading.

Why I am Happy with my Body

Why I am Happy with my Body
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