The Double Standard, No one wants to talk about!

(Disclaimer: If you are highly sensitive this may not be the myTake for you, these are my views. Also this is not a men bashing thread so if you are wagging pitchforks, wag them somewhere else.)

The Double Standard, No one wants to talk about!

OK look above. I have noticed that if a girl looks similar in shape to Jenna Marbles above and is attractive, slim, fit, or just in shape, she is accused of being a attention whore if she post a picture of herself.

I saw a picture on GAG of a woman who asked if she should send a picture of herself in launderie to her husband. She mentioned that she is overweight in the post. I'm just paraphrasing here. Her body and launderie color looked similar to this picture below with folds in her belly. Guys and girls were saying below that she is curvy and that she looks great and she shouldn't be afraid.

I noticed a girl who slim, in shape, hourglass, or fit could be wearing clothes and still be called a attention whore or accused of fishing for compliments.

I have nothing against the people who posted. What baffles me is how can a big women wearing less clothes on gag get compliments and not be accused of seeking compliments but a woman who is fit, slim, skinny or in shape wears pants and a shirt who is wearing way more clothes still get called an attention whore by men and women?


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  • I see where you are going with this to be honest the whole How Do I Look Category is riddled with potential hidden traps and pitfalls. There are pros and cons to every approach and I feel that no particular philosophy has the moral high ground.
    (1) An "Atrractive" slim person asks rate me - What is she?
    :- A little child screaming "Look at me" (Attention Whore)
    :- Says they has self esteem issues ( Bullcrap an even worse Attention Whore)
    :- They actually have self esteem issues and need affirmation (COLLATERAL DAMAGE in a war for the soul of GaG)
    :- People who think what is the harm of telling an attractive person they are attractive (Deluded, enablers and White Knights)
    (2) A big person who may or not be "Attractive"
    :- "Soft Landing" we are dealing with peoples' feelings here (Bullcrap feeding their delusions, PC rubbish)
    :- "Truth bomb" these people asked for honest ratings we are not being harsh just realistic (C'mon do you have to destroy them in the process)
    :- People who are happy with their size and people who like big people (Yeah sure people like this do "REALLY" exist)
    (3) The safe group
    :- I have just had a baby, medical treatment, lost weight etc
    :- I am recovering from an eating disorder do I need to lose more weight etc
    In this area most people keep the sense they were born with and don't drag vulnerable people into a wider conflict
    (4) The unsafe group who have no apologists which can be summed up as
    :- Rate my thong
    :- Do you like this pornstar
    In conclusion while agreeing with some of the views of both sides, I also disagree with some of what they say as well so I feel is to approach everyone as if they were in the "safe group" with the exception of the "unsafe group" who for the sake of the argument shall be treated with the disdain they deserve is the most productive route I would prefer to ruffle the feathers of a moralist rather than crush the feelings of someone who may not be as strong as they seem by accident.


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  • I dont know either, but i do think thats weird as well. I think that most people just want those bigger people to feel better about them selfs, wich isn't necessary a bad thing. but saying that a slimmer person is fishing for compliments is really annoying.


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  • A lot of guys like big women. They have bigger breasts, so guys that like big boobs like them. Guys that like big butts like them, some guys like hugging onto them because they are soft, warm , cuddly. A lot of guys dont let Hollywood make them choose who to like. In the USA big is the majority. Some girls think being small means being perfect. Why then are there so many small, slim, slender, skinny and thin single women out there? The answer, guys like all types and sizes of women.
    Beautiful and Cute women who are naturally beautiful, dont need the world to advertise them. They dont need makeup and all these extra things to give guys an illusion that they look nice. That same lady in the centerfold may frighten you after her makeup, eyelashes, nails and things are washed and taken off. Some guys turn away from made up women and instead accept the others just the way they are. The world of advertising is deception, and companies get rich because women, not men worry so much about their looks. If i could create one item that promised women good looks i would be wealthy.

  • The first time to me someone is actually try to understand this.
    Skinny/slim and atractive people asking to rate them:
    -People feel like they need more attention because they already think you beautiful and have self esteem.
    Fat people asking for ratings:
    -People don't want to be jerks and rate them as high as possible or don't look at body.
    -People butthurt rightnow so that's why they do all what's standing above.
    Most of you slim people also post like "you suck dick easily" in those ratingpictures.
    The other groups are explanated by @KDA20.

    So that's why. Most people don't like big women or big men but if they tell them they get accused, lynched or whatever by telling the truth. They tell 'm that they are jerks ans hurt those people.

    Once and always; you can not be forcing to love someone or something.
    Look how they do it. Most men think curvy is fat but it isn't and i will continue saying that till people understand.
    Curvy is a misplaced noun for people who have hips, boobs and ass but still be considered fat.

    by the way Jenna Marbles or that slim girl above looks like an pornstar. If you posting that shit people ask you if you going to suck dick and if you say yes they will reply to come over to their homes. Some will even offer you money.

  • two words; "political correctness".

    Did 2015 never catch up with you? It was a huge fad back then.

    Seriously though, it's the PC bullshit going on again.

    • I'm not sure what the year has to do with it, it was literally a mytake about a double standard people don't want to talk about

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    • I would like to see racism not brought into 2016 but that's not gonna happen

    • there's a lot of things... war, racism, political correctness, sexism... sadly it takes time to get rid of it, if it's even possible.

  • It's because we, as a community, want to support the self confidence of people who are less 'pretty'.

    We don't talk about it because if we publicly talk about it, then it become obviously to the 'less pretty' people that we are just doing it to make them feel better.

    If the 'less pretty' people know we are pandering to their fears, then we will no longer be able to boost their egos.

    This is in service of us trying to have a more inclusive community. Where everyone feels valued. Not just the glamour girls who already get flirted with constantly

    Fortunately, I can explain this to you now, because we no longer do this here. We deliver the news that someone is fat and ugly straight, unvarnished, like a shotgun to the groin. It's 2016, the year of Trump, the year of bad hair, the year of brutality, the year compassion died.

  • 1d

    Jenna Marbles portrays good selfesteem and looks like she can take an honest answer. Compared to a fat person with I'm guessing bad self image.

    It's also about how humble the question is.

    What post do you think will get the nicest answers:
    Asking Gag if you should send a picture wearing only your underwear to your husband or Asking if you look good in your pictures.

  • um social Justice warriors.. and Feminists. They are all about making the normal look bad and making the physically unhealthy and unfit look desirable. Personally i dont go for super skinny girls or over weight girls. i try to be somewhere in the middle.

  • It's very simple.

    If someone is good-looking, insisting on showing pictures of their self comes from narcissism. Somebody who's against narcissism may be not so kind to them.

    If someone isn't good-looking, and they ask their appearance be rated, that's not compliment-seeking, but reassurance-seeking.
    And everybody, or nearly everybody, deserves reassurance.

  • Well jenna marbles is ugly af. Fat girls aren't attractive no matter how much feminist whine. case closed

  • The skinny girls are hated because they look better.

  • Ya I see this all the time


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  • u r right

  • yes true