Am I ugly, How do I not be ugly?*How to be your own version of beautiful*


Hey people, I see a lot of young people & people my age & even older on GAG ask if they're ugly/why they're called ugly. What to do & why nobody wants them or find them beautiful.

So here's my experience & a few tips:

Why don't I look like that girl/guy on insta & in music videos?

You know they say it's fake..well guess what, It really is. No one looks like that naturally. Yes they look flawless because of makeup, lighting, carefully thought out poses & most have had plastic surgery (I promise you, Most instagram 'stars' have had work done).Not all..but most.

-Below is my point on poses, lighting etc..

Am I ugly, How do I not be ugly?*How to be your own version of beautiful*

Other people..If they say I'm ugly then I must be?

No..Just no. This is more to the younger folks out there. Every single teenager/young person is insecure..(Every single one..Yes, Even that girl that posts pictures galore & surrounded by guys & her band of clone followers). Have a look at why she dresses the same as everyone else..yes, she's wearing that super cool, stupid Kylie trend. BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO FIT IN & be accepted. And has probably put down the guy/girl who dresses differently &doesn't follow the trends & doesn't contour. It makes them feel better by putting others down. She is just as insecure as you but masks it by doing everything that is deemed ' beautiful' at the moment/current trends.

The beauty industry..Why is it such a big deal to be beautiful in today's standards?

Its just that..standards. This is how they make the ££££s.

The beauty industry is a multi billion £ industry & thrives on letting people think they need to buy this, primp that to be what 'the beautiful standard is'. Notice how beauty has changed over the years. yes, because it's a trend. Trends change & bands of sheep like people follow these beauty trends.

Am I ugly, How do I not be ugly?*How to be your own version of beautiful*

But what do you know? You don't know how I'm feeling..

A bit about why I'm writing this first.. I'm 5'6 and now 26 years old. I always wanted to be more petite/skinnier naturally as a teenager.

I had an eating disorder for years as a teenager & scouted out as a model at the peak of my skinniest. Was told how beautiful I was in front of cameras etc & had money thrown at me..For years I believed I must be that thin to be beautiful.

I was wrong...The industry was wrong, While I fainted from lack of nutrition, spent hours in make-up & had a director tell me how to slightly angle so he got the perfect shot. I saw girls look at my pictures & say 'wow, I wish I looked like you'.. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I quit and got healthy (I promise you..It's a lie).

Now as an adult..I have quite a muscular physique & very curvy thighs/butt. Even now as an adult sometimes I think ' why can't my arms be skinny & dainty. Why can't I have a thigh gap'

..And then I think screw that..I'm bloody amazing..Have goals & dreams and my head screwed on. People like me, Not just like to look at me. I have so much more to offer the world than beauty.

There's more to life than beauty ( What is beautiful about an ignorant state of mind & empty head?) And beauty fades too. You attitude, goals & personality doesn't.

What can I do for me? Can I change it? what do I do?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It really is...Enhance your beautiful features..Not cover. ( Your eyes, your glossy hair, your shapely figure).

Get your hair done in a different style (One you like and want to try).

Get those high waisted jeans to show off those shapely curves.

Wear that shirt that conpliments your bright blue eyes.

Find your own style..Start small with a jacket you like and colours you like & build on that (Find your individual style identity).

Do not hide..hiding also makes you more of a target for criticism.

Be who you are..You are the product of your parents heritage, culture & features..Show that s*** off.


Looking at the TOWIE culture. Yes, they're primped & tanned & 'beautiful' by the current standards. But that's it, They're 'beautiful', That is all they have to offer the world... That doesn't last and do you really want to be just a 'beautiful' clone.. Be you, that's so much more valuable x

Am I ugly, How do I not be ugly?*How to be your own version of beautiful*
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