Are you pretty or ugly?


Are you ugly if you're not beautiful?

Are you pretty or ugly?

For whom and for what? Yes, one of the most common mistakes we make is to ask people if they are "beautiful or ugly" or to use the phrase "ugly" about people's appearance by us.

If it's not beautiful, it's not your style.

Are you pretty or ugly?

Somebody else might find that I didn't. So in this case, the person I do not find beautiful will think that he is not beautiful? Absolutely no, there is a sense of beauty that appeals to everyone in the universe. Maybe 10 people find you beautiful, maybe 1,000 people, but there's always someone who finds you beautiful.

Can everyone find us beautiful?

Are you pretty or ugly?

Is that possible? Isn't it funny to enter into an expectation that everyone should call us beautiful and everyone will find us beautiful? It's a pity for our own mental health, isn't it? If everyone in the world loved black and nobody loved blue? It is like this one's understanding of beauty. Not everyone likes brown, not everybody blond, not everybody likes tall, not everybody likes short. People are different.

What disgusts human is not the body, but the evil of his heart and character.

Are you pretty or ugly?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • GhettoGirl
    Takes a lot of work to make this look good. I've some hindu hookers hair sewed to my head, else I'd look like Buckwheat. The chinker chicks glue on my nails and my lashes. I wake up pretty musty and rough.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    If I say I'm pretty, I'll be considered conceited.
    Okay then... I'm conceited. Lol.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • usernameihavecreated
    I am blessed with good looks, above average intellect, and pretty heft dose of concei... err, I mean self-esteem. Lol 😁✌
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  • DrDecidueye
    Brilliant philosophy! I feel exactly the same way! Beauty is completely subjective, but some people focus so hard on appearance that they forget their personality may be the problem. In summary, everyone is beautiful, but none of that matters if you're a cunt.
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  • MrOracle
    I am not a handsome man. I accepted that long ago and I work around it. Fortunately, I have other things to offer.
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  • Sufferesin2000
    As long as i feel awsome while getting drunk , masturbating, getting p×××× i give zero fu××× 😂😂😂😂 i rarely look in the mirror but pretty white girls have approached me when i when i was younger.
  • Etherbane
    Honestly why does it matter what anyone looks like? I get it may be human nature to go for those who look more "sexual" appealing, but why does it have to be defined as "ugly or pretty"? We humans are emotional beings, why worry about the way one looks when their personality is worth more?
  • kangy
    I am average looking
    we can't be beautiful in the eyes of all people especially when beauty is subjective
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  • UglyestGuyEver
    i dont know, its hard to tell when mirrors and pics can lie, i go on believing im ugly,
    but il never know unless i actually turned into someone else for a day and saw myself through their eyes
  • MCheetah
    I'm physically ugly and personality wise, always get told I'm "intriguing/fascinating." I think the last person who did so implied that I have very strong convictions and beliefs and stand up for what I believe in and constantly what the world to be a better place, but also am really insecure about my looks and especially my height (all of this, at least, being 100% true). So in short, I come off as the most confident, bold, fearless insecure self-loathing person they've ever met and most people are confused but perplexed by that, it seems.
  • Gottabsavagee
    You can be pretty ugly or average :D

    but let's be nice and say everyone is beautiful in their own way
  • Justbeyouandbehappy_
    I don’t even know what i’m looking at in the mirror lol
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  • Lman3000
    I'm ugly as fuck, Guess what? I don't fucking care and those who like the point at me and say yes I am fuck you, There's your answer
  • UnknownGagsUser
    I don't think everyone find me beautiful but I also don't care too.
  • RebeccaSJ
    I think I'm reasonably attractive, if I say so myself.
  • ask4any
    I used to be an Adonis. Now I'm just a shell of my former self
  • LovelyFlower
    I’m beautiful
  • EssenceDawson
    I’m oogly
  • arabgoddess
    I feel average..
    • Iron_Man

      You look like bird on the TV series Alaskan Bush People

    • Geez thanks.. And you look like frankinstein from the Adams family

    • Iron_Man

      Don't be a hater what's your problem?

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  • shoxcviii
    Hell no not at all.
  • letsfreakinggo
    It's up to you😅😂
  • MannySimms
    I'm pretty ugly. Always have been. Don't care.
  • Elleymei
  • ivysandy
    Am extremely beautiful
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  • Babygirl_S
    I'm beautiful and I know it.
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  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Pretty to some. Ugly to others
  • Logical_Idolist
    I guess a bit below average
  • DDpsy
    I am cute as all fuck.
  • kayaleyla285
  • bhavy24
    I am average
  • vinnies1234
    Im pretty lol
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  • Rosabelle98
    Some girls and guys find me pretty that’s all
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  • Joe1956
    im pretty ugly
  • JustWowMan
    not bad dude :D
  • bradpitto
    good dude :*
  • liquidsolid
    excellent man
  • Max_auckie
    You are what you make yourself to an extent
  • PreciousW
  • Anaiya04
    Fucking ugly
  • Anonymous
    I'm ugly without makeup but pretty with makeup on.
  • Anonymous
    I’m pretty lol