Am I fat? Am I ugly? You’re beautiful 😍


Every time I go on my social media or on G@G, the main question on the,”How do I look?” topicals is ,” Am I fat?” I opened this and saw a whole bunch of women with perfect waists. Wanna cool fact all you girls out there? All of the guys I’ve dated and the one I currently am dating, love thick girls. I personally only have really thick thighs but stop judging your body. I have very bad acne and every time I used to look in the mirror every morning I would cry and cry. People including guys always were telling me “ I can’t even see anything.” They seemed sincere. In most cases you put yourself down more than you need to. All of the “flaws” you see on your body aren’t seen by everybody else. I’ve never had experience with being overweight because I’m a recovering anorexic do to the fear of becoming overweight and due to depression . Do eat though don’t take that out of what I’m saying here. I just wanted to write this to tell all of you girls (and guys) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE WORTH IT. AND YOU MATTER!

Am I fat? Am I ugly? You’re beautiful 😍
Am I fat? Am I ugly? You’re beautiful 😍
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  • shorty45
    Every one beautiful some how and how we look is not a way to judge, I met people with a modest beauty and I loved them the key is the personality not the body or anything like that, we only have to be ourselves
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  • Aliza_0912
    I mean I’m today’s society it almost seems crucial to be pretty or hot. If you’re not you don’t fit in. Even though yes I can agree people have their own opinions and preferences, however it’s hard to love yourself
  • n0on3ask3d
    Wasn't it "Don't judge a book by its cover" ?Anyways people shouldn't really care what others think of them and just be positive about themselves.. smh
  • Games_
    Beauty is a bit more objective with subjective outliers. Me and you know there is people u probably won't date if they look repulsive enough
  • NerdInDenial
    Actually, most people do not matter. Look at the number of deaths that occur daily. Most people don't know those who have died and most people don't care. Even famous who have died will be forgotten in a few weeks. Every body has its flaws but to seek perfection is based on external validation. In fact, most judge and that's why beauty and diet products sell. It's a nice message you have, but it's not realistic. Strive to be your best would be a better message and even your best at times is not good enough.
  • Darcia
    Everyone has their own type of beauty.
  • Marie01995
    Beauty is the eye of the beholder.
  • JustWowMan
    hot man xD
  • bradpitto
  • Anonymous
    The pose in the last pic is a bit creepy looking. What’s he doing with his hands 😂 he’s okay but not exactly idris Elba