Stop Skinny Shaming: I'm Thin and Beautiful...And That's Okay

Stop Skinny Shaming: I'm Thin and Beautiful...And That's Okay
Leave us alone. We have a right to be thin and proud of it. We have a right to not eat pork and be proud. We have a right to reach for the water bottle instead of a diet soda and be proud. We have a right to be proud of our figure. We were born with a healthy body, and we have the right to maintain it. And then show it off if we so please.

Just because our BMI's aren't off the charts doesn't make us sickly.

Sorry, not sorry that I'm not fat. Sorry, not sorry that thin/skinny is the ideal of beauty. I guess I can truly say this, Healthy = Beautiful.

Being able to run without shortness of breath in the first few feet because of my weight is beautiful. Being able to jump is beautiful. Being able to touch my toes is beautiful. Being able to lift at least half my bodyweight is beautiful. Being able to survive in nature is beautiful, Etc, etc.

So yes, paste pictures and fill commercials with girls who look like me. Thin, running, laughing, eating, jumping, smiling, and modeling. It's the ideal image of beauty.

Because Healthy = Beautiful.

And we're not apologizing for it.

Stop Skinny Shaming.
Stop Skinny Shaming: I'm Thin and Beautiful...And That's Okay
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ConsultantIsBack

    There's always someone jelly ready to cut down others. Fit guys get fitshamed too lol routinely basic pink anon bitches on gag do it lmao. Attractive celebrities too, you can have a perfect body but there's always going to be someone ready to hate on you.
    You just gotta be the best you can and redeem all the benefits and who cares about haters giving up opportunities in life :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • CHARismatic110

    Sooo you tell people to stop skinny shaming while fat shaming. Oh, ok. How bout we stop body shaming in general k? You don't need to bash others to get your point across. It's unnecessary. Oh and I'm clearly not thin but I can run and jump with the best of them. And the only reason why I can't touch my toes is because of my boobs.

    • This!!!

    • How'd I fat shame? By being happy that I'm not fat? By taking pride in the fact that I'm physically fit?

    • And you can be proud of that! By all means, be fucking proud! But if you don't see anything wrong in the way you wrote this then that's a problem. Oh and for the record, I don't eat pork either. Never have. So that's one more X off the list.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • lumos

    You're right that skinny shaming is wrong but this take was executed very poorly and I feel like you're no better than those who shame thin women, due to the passive-aggressiveness in your take.
    Plenty of thin people eat unhealthy, have no stamina and are not agile. You're stereotyping both thin and overweight people in this take.

    • There was a ton of venom in this take. Quite ironic.

    • DivaMonae

      Bravo ๐Ÿ‘

    • True!! Everyone is different. There are healthy, thin people and healthy and not so thin people. There are lots of thin people who dont eat healthy and aren't agile or in shape. And there are plenty of average weight and thick people who are agile and in shape. It all boils down really to fat and muscle percentage. A thin person can be smaller than a fat person but still be mainly full of fat and have less muscle than the fat person. It happens

  • CosmicallyCombined

    Iโ€™m not even thin or skinny and there was a time during college where I interned at a very prominent corporate business as a contract specialist. I was on a team full of six women including our boss and one man. When I first got there, my boss and one of my coworkers would CONSTANTLY make comments about my body referring to me as โ€œthe skinny girl.โ€ The thing is: I am FAR from skinny. I have hips, a**, and tits but because I am smaller than them with a smaller frame than them, they automatically categorized me as skinny. My former boss was very obsessed with body image because she was chubby as a kid in addition to being a Cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy so femininity and body image was constantly on her mind. I empathized with her but still her comments were unprofessional and inappropriate. Like one time, I was walking to my cubicle with a large sandwich from the meeting room and she said, โ€œGosh, that sandwich is even bigger than you!โ€ Another time she made some random comment like โ€œNo brownies for the skinny girl!โ€ when the male on our team brought in some brownies from his mother in law. The other woman, Tammy, referred to me as โ€œlittle girlโ€ although I was a grown adult so I had to tell her, โ€œIโ€™m not a little girl. Iโ€™m a grown woman with life experience. Stop calling me that.โ€

    So you do have a point. There are a lot of females out there who do not take care of their bodies and do nothing about the excessive fat accumulating on their figures then try to make subliminal, condescending comments towards women who arenโ€™t as big as them. Those women need to stop worrying about our bodies and fix their own. Focusing on my physique isnโ€™t going to fix a bigger womanโ€™s struggles when sheโ€™s in the dressing room.

    • Thank you for understanding. I'm glad you didn't let any of the negativity get to you. Just keep doing you keeping your head up.

    • DivaMonae

      Agreed and focusing on overweight/obese women isn't going to fix a smaller girls struggles.

    • @DivaMonae Passive aggressive intention? Whatโ€™s the point of your useless comment? If you were being passive aggressive and attempting to be subliminal, me simply sharing my experience doesnโ€™t mean I focus on the struggles of overweight/obese of bigger women. Nor does it mean that smaller WOMEN (not girls, WOMEN) try to focus on overweight/obese women in order to fix their problems.

      The gist is that overweight/obese women or females with larger frames who canโ€™t meet their weight goals should stop fit shaming and obsessing over the physical blessings that women who have less body fat possess.

  • ManOnFire

    This is a joke, right? It's "plus size" women that get shamed more than anyone else, while skinny girls with thigh gaps and flat chests are glorified as the most beautiful women, and make it on TV and magazine covers far more than real women with meat on their bones.

    • That's the equivalent of saying men getting raped is a joke right? No it's not a joke. Believe it or not it happens. Bullying and harassment and getting made fun of is real. It happens.

    • ManOnFire

      But not nearly to the degree that "fuller" women have to face. Your argument is like a rich person crying about how hard it is to be rich. I generally try to be civilized here, but this one really did it for me. This is just bullshit.

    • Not a joke. Skinny girls are ALWAYS getting put down. Every guy I've ever known wants a thick curvy woman who is at least moderately chubby

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  • Maxemeister

    "Because healthy = beautiful"
    "Just because our BMI's aren't off the charts doesn't make us sickly"

    I think you've antagonized and called unhealthy more than half the people on the planet and embarrassed skinny people everywhere. I don't hate skinny people. I hate people who r like this. This doesn't represent the skinny people opinion.

    • Your opinion.

    • You called skinny healthy. Which means you're criticizing not only the overweight, but also AVERAGE SIZED PEOPLE. And calling them ugly.

      And our BMI's aren't "off the charts" just because we choose to not starve ourselves and permanently ruin our reproductive systems.

      But then again, might just be my opinion.

    • I said skinny/thin because those are the terms people use relatively to describe people who are not fat and overweight. And healthy is beautiful.

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  • ShaeNielson

    Thin and healthy are not synonyms. This is an absolutely foolish take and it is in no way clever nor inspiring. You really are contradicting yourself when first you say skinny people are being shamed but later you say they are what society deem as beautiful, which is it? You're honestly very full of yourself and this take has done nothing, but to fat shame and play out the body types against each other even further.

    • No, she is talking about how people are quick to judge how all thin people are anorexic/bulimic and hardly eat a thing when most of us eat like an elephant. Trust me, as a thin girl myself, I have had nutritionists referred to me and being surprised that I eat more than the nutritionist themselves.
      - Sincerely, eating potato chips with nutella as I type this.

    • If being proud of my healthy body is being full of myself, then Hell yeah. People who judge thin people and criticize them for being thin is skinny shaming. Yes thin may be the ideal image but there are people out there that don't like that fact for some reason and they hurl negative comments about thin people. You can't have one without the other. No fat shaming present.

    • @helloitsmethere Eating potato chips with nutella is not healthy though.

      Retro: You can be proud of your body without sounding like an entitled brat.

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  • Realistic07

    I can agree with your statement to a fault. Yea it is true that people need to stop shaming others for apperance but the reality is simply that others should not judge others. Your statement was that " Sorry, not sorry that thin/skinny is the ideal of beauty. I guess I can truly say this, Healthy = Beautiful." But that as you know is not true in every case. But thinness is not inherently the ideal beauty people are beautiful when they except themselves and even larger people can be beautiful also thinness dosent always equal health in many cases medically and psychologically thinness actually equals non health. I mind you that its not in every case but for bulimics, anorexics, protean deficient, and those who suffer from some rare issues thinness is the equivalent of non health. That being said though there are many whom are thin naturally due to habits formed or simply just luck of the genetic draw but in no way are thin people any more beautiful than others. Even with that being stated the issue really comes down to self image and how people perceive themselves as to the world around them. People who do struggle with weight both in the thin concept and in the large concept often are plagued by their own minds and often have feelings of low self worth which creates self hate and in turn creates blind judgment/ resentment to those that are different physically. Scocial bias also plays a roll in creating negative tigmas both for the thin and for the large and not only relating to weight but also to race, gender, sexuality, and general scocial status. Society can be in many ways to many different people which is why we must grow to except one another beyond the superficial things such as in this case pertaining to weight. The other issue is the concept of malace we create malace by acting better than others or being overly prideful when the reality is we actually often more than not envy tose who are different. Thin people may envy larger people for being able to eat what they may without so much worry over the gain large people often envy thin people because of their ability to lose weight but often these are simply blind assumptions. The reality often more than not is that those who are thin work very hard to be and stay thin and those who are large are often not large by choice simply due to genetic faults, or habits that have developed from young age by their parents there are struggles on both sides.

    • The sad part is when we something negative said about us people often seek vengeance which in turn creates more malice and more problems for both sides. Untill people learn to take the words and realize that they are said do to a person just growing tiers of the own struggles and untill we learn to take the negatives as strength and insted of acting in anger we act in love for the one that hurts us untill that the changes will never come and society will stay judgmental. I have been insulted for being me plenty of time! es but i do not spread that hate I simply try to understand the mentality of those that do hate so as to help them in their own struggles and in turn I help myself by becoming stronger in who I am and even often gain apologies from those who spited me and a new friend. So why hate when things are already so difficult for everyone insted seek understanding and in turn love for others as well as love for ones self. Well that's my two cents in it anyways.

    • Damn. Thats a lot. Anyways I am skinny and often considered a twig that can be snapped in half. But at least I am healthy. I make sure that I consume all my vitamins, protein, carbs, etc. To stay healthy (I am nutrition obsessed.) At least I actually lift weights, squat, and can run a mile in under 7:21 without getting wheezy and exhausted. But ya apparently no one would ever consider me sexy because I dont have nice tits and ass. I have nothing... So i ain't surprised no guy has ever thought I was sexy. Maybe cute, but thats it. I look like a 12 year old with boobs and a face of a 16 year old

    • @Grungenoreos well that's a bummer and a real shame because thin women can be just as sexy as larger women and visa versa. People often misconstrue sexyness with some kind of body type and the reality is that all women are beautiful in my book ad all women can be sexy and radiate sexuality. Keep in mind sexy is a concept that is more so of mindset more than it is of body type. Any one and this goes for guys to can be sexy because sexyness comes from confidence and personal strength and that often radiates outwardly which is what sexyness is the outward representation of ones personal confidence and allure. So anyone can be sexy as long as hold those traits at a high in the moments in which they mean to do so. I'm sure you are plenty attractive but you can't put yourself down like that because it's in the attitude about yourself. I'm sure if you were just a bot more comfortable and confident with yourself you'd hit that sexy note you would love to have.

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  • MaiNameIsSunshine

    As a naturally thin and healthy girl, I think I'll enjoy this take.
    *reads take*
    Yeah no, this is just you acting like skinny is the only thing that can be beautiful. Way to shame the other side and talk about how you are clearly everyone's ideal girl ๐Ÿ˜’. Echando te poras y actuando como si los que son diferentes son feos... No mamรฉs.

    • Healthy = Beautiful. A basic principle. Fat shaming =hey retards lose weight, you're ugly, etc etc. No fat shaming is present in the take.

    • Some not skinny people can be healthy too though. I'm not talking about morbidly obese people who have trouble walking, but somewhat heavier people. Also there are skinny people who are not healthy.

    • DivaMonae

      I have no idea what you said in Spanish but as long as it matches the rest of your opinion bravo ๐Ÿ‘

  • Azara

    I doubt you're actually skinny. Few people are. Not being fat doesn't mean skinny.

    And you are kind if apologizing or being defensive anyhow. If yours comfortable great. You don't need to prove it.

    The picture is not skinny she's got a healthy amount of flesh she's just noit fat.

    • I said skinny/thin because people use that term to relatively describe people who aren't fat and overweight.

  • MadeInAmerica

    I had no idea that only skinny/thin women can only do those things and others who are not fat and are considered healthy but have some shape to them can't do those things. Good for you for enjoying being skinny. Beauty is from within and based this I don't see much of it for other women not in your BMI class.

    • I said skinny/thin because those are the terms people use relatively to describe people who are not overweight. And healthy is beautiful.

    • DivaMonae

      Yeah just ignore the part where he said beauty is within...

      Regardless of someone's size they aren't more or less deserving.

  • TheDevilInside

    "Stop skinny shaming!" But fat same instead. That's what your take is about. "Sorry, not sorry that I'm not fat. Sorry, not sorry that thin/skinny is the ideal of beauty. I guess I can truly say this, Healthy = Beautiful." ... what an arrogant wonderful Person you are. Don't you know that skinny doesn't always mean healthy? If you could just stop obsessing over looks and training your brain instead...

    • No need to call names. ๐Ÿ˜Ž I'm not obsessing over looks, for every action is a reaction.

    • We don't need to apologize for having beautiful skinny bodies.

    • Yeap. Fatshamer. Hypocrite. "No need to call names", but then goes on and called me namens. Lol grow up, girl.

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  • burlen

    I have no hate towards skinny girls nor do I consider them less-deserving of affection. However, I am more attracted to girls with wide hips and thick thighs like the ones shown in the pictures below.

    By the way, skinniness is not fitness, and fitness is not healthiness. You can be skinny, that does't mean you are fit. Likewise, you can be fit, that doesn't mean you are healthy. That's basic Physical Education 101 taught in week one.

    Can I see more of these, please?:






    • Perfect example of skinny shaming.

    • Yep.

    • Uh-huh.

      And I bet you think a naturally slim girl would actually look like THAT if she gained 30 or 40 lbs, too. Ahahahahaa

      Are you familiar with the phrase "nerd-soft"? Or, to a lesser extent, "dad bod"?
      THAT is what we naturally slender girls would look like at the weight of the girls in these pics. Trust me, it ain't pretty.

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  • Mesonfielde

    Ah, you're proud of being thin?

    Can I be proud of being white? I mean, it literally takes just as much effort.

    • Hell yeah. Nothing wrong with having self-esteem.

    • But people have a choice of their weight.

    • Josht11

      seriously it takes effort to eat proper nutrition and diet it doesn't take effort to be fat and have you never heard fat and proud criticize the landwhales.

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  • cherrymarina

    And yet you are fat shaming in your post. I find models to be very skinny and I have a right to voice my opinion. If some people get butthurt over it thats their problem.

    • How am I fat shaming? I'm not encouraging anyone to lose weight. I'm not calling out fat people for their choices or anything. I'm simply giving facts and my viewpoint. No insults are present.

    • DivaMonae

      I bwlive @thedevilinside said it best for everything you listed if it doesn't apply to someone else that's basically fat shaming. I mean you said it yourself "skinny/healty" is the idea of beauty well then what the heck is everyone else? And you're making that pretty clear.

  • AssJacket

    Let me get this straight - our entire western culture idealizes thin people, inundates us constantly with images, videos, television shows and movies with thin people, equates being in shape with superior intellect and personality... yet somehow you think you're being persecuted?

    • Yes because there are people who don't like us because of that. Bullying and rude comments and put downs because of our body type. It does and has happened. Enough is enough.

    • cavmanier

      Maybe you haven't experienced it or noticed it, but it's fairly common. There isn't much political correct social rules against it. I think she's trying to bring awareness.

    • @cavmanier omg yes I experience the opposite side of the fat-skinny shaming spectrum. I get told I should gain weight because I am too skinny and a twig, looking like a 12 year old boy with boobs and that I won't ever be thought of as sexy. But I am not underweight. I am simply thin. At 5'2 a good weoght is 104-130 and I am 114. So fuck everybody. At least I can run a mile in 7 minutes and 20 seconds without getting wheezy or very tired. At least I make sure I lift my weights and squat... Not that it seems to help much. At least I am makimg sure I consume all the vitamins, protein, carbs, and calcium I need. But ya skinny models have been shamed for looking too skinny and not actually being attractive for photoshoots

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  • I'm skinny - 80 pounds and 5'0 - and this is a dumb post.
    And being able to lift half your weight? Speak for yourself! I can't lift shit.

    • I mean, I agree that skinny shaming is wrong, because making a woman feel bad about her body is wrong.
      However the rest of this post came off as bragging.
      It's like... Imagine a woman made a post bragging about having large breasts. It's one thing to say "I'm not ashamed" but it's another thing to rub it in someone's face.

    • I didn't say everyone can lift half their bodyweight.
      I especially didn't say you could.

    • Everyone should take pride in their bodyweight. I encourage others to do the same, just not put down others because they've got something that's different or even more liked.

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  • Nathaniel1316

    "Sorry, not sorry that thin/skinny is the ideal of beauty. I guess I can truly say this, Healthy = Beautiful."

    Thin people are not ideal beauty. Beauty is the very own perception of the person viewing it. In your eyes thin people are beautiful. In my eyes thin people are beautiful. In another's eyes larger people are beautiful. In a friend's eyes people who have no meat are beautiful, see my point?
    Healthy is beautiful, but skinny doesn't mean healthy.
    My friend is skinny and he can't even run to his male box.
    I'm on the "at risk of obese" part on the BMI scale, but I run often, exercise, and I have more muscle than body fat. If my friend and I had a fitness competition he would surely lose and it has nothing to do with his weight.
    Also BMI's mean Sh** to me for the simple fact they only do height and weight.
    A 5'3 athletic trainer who weighs 175 and 85% of that is muscle would be considered obese to a yoga instructor who is 5'11 and weighs 123 and 35% of that is muscle she just carries her fat well.
    Assuming both have healthy life styles neither are unhealthy, but the BMI chart considers one Obese and the other Underweight.

    I prefer thinner people when it comes to dating, I encourage self love and body positivity and in no way condone that being overweight in a none healthy way.

    But a basic BMI is shit and Skinny doesn't mean healthy.

    • @Nathaniel1316 All the BMI takes in account is height and weight regardless of activity level.

    • @funny_strange_man I know that's why I don't care for them. They can most definitely be helpful and shouldn't be ignored, bit they also shouldn't define if you're healthy or not.

    • @Nathaniel1316 here is my argument against BMI. Take 3 guys who live in the same neighborhood on the same street take the same route to work and from work. They work at the same place doing the same job. They start work and end work the same time. Guy 1 eats Los of bacon with breakfast, goes to places like in - N - Out Burger, Checkers, McDonalds for lunch and if he brings his lunch it includes twinkies, chips, oreos pop etc. When he gets home has a big dinner that includes lots of fried foods, 12oz steak, lots of starch etc not all on the same da. Sits in front of the TV while having dinner. Guy 2 eats oatmeal, cream of wheat with fruit, sometimes has bacon with breakfast. Lunch might go out to have fast food once in a while but for the most part brings his lunch which may include swiss rolls, oranges, apples, carrots, chips, juice etc. When he gets home has a sensible dinner which may include, salad, shrimp, rice etc. He may or may not go for a walk after dinner but depends on if he

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  • BellePepper

    You know what would be REALLY amazing? If people could write a body positive take that didn't put down ANY body type. You cannot sit here and say "Omg u guyz! I'm so upset people are mean to me about my weight and how I'm perceived" so instead of saying "we should accept ALL bodies and individuals" you're just saying "You need to respect MY body but fuck all those other people"

    Like if something makes YOU feel angry and upset *why* would it be okay to make someone else feel angry and upset? I do not understand.

    • I'm not dissing other body types. I'm just saying I'm happy that that's not my body type. I'm proud of my body type and I don't need people who differ coming along acting like a bitch and hating.

      You're welcome to write a take on accepting all body images. No one's stopping you.

    • You're not? Really? Because it sure reads like you are. Oh? So because of hoe YOU have chosen to behave I'm a bitch? That's really logical.

      YOUR take is supposed to be about accepting all types. That's what you're trying to tell people so why aren't you living up to what you're telling people? I don't understand. Why can't you be proud of yourself without tearing other people down? Are you not tall or strong enough on your own?

    • I'm not calling you a bitch. Let me clear up some things for you.

      1. The bitches who judge hatefully because I'm not their size.

      2. My take is supposed to be about what I want it to be about.

      3. My post is titled: "Stop Skinny Shaming..." Not "Hey let's love each other yayyyy world!"

      4. People have a right to be proud of what they've got, fat or thin. And I'm saying people aka bitches shouldn't hate because they got what they want.

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  • Oxi112094

    When you pick up any magazine, there will be a skinny person on the cover. When you look at any modeling posters, or VS posters, they are all skinny. God forbid society tries to accept other kinds of body types and people yell "SKINNY SHAMING!".

    • Josht11

      why should society accept other body types I mean being fat is a bad thing and it shouldn't be glorified, we want to influence society with staying healthy is good also thin people look so much better than fat people and the world goes crazy when fat models are the norm.

    • It's impossible to be fat and truly healthy. I've never seen a fat athlete unless it's food or little to no work involved. Athletes are thin because they are active and being active burns fat and builds muscle. Healthy = Beautiful.

    • And people spit bullshit about seeing thin people on magazines and posters. Hmm... I wonder why skinny/thin is ideal.

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  • Darklydarkened

    That woman on the second photo is not skinny. She's good form.

    And personally I really get annoyed when some fat people act as if keeping a good shape is something that people do not struggle for. As if it comes naturally to all, and they do nothing to gain it.

    If you wanna be fat, then be and be happy for it. But don't try to complain about people who aren't.

    • People group her and people alike as skinny/thin because those are the terms people use relatively to describe people who are not overweight. She is good formed and she nine times out of ten worked for what she has.

    • DivaMonae

      Couldn't agree more just like healthy and skinny people should do the same ๐Ÿ‘

  • willow74

    I absolutely love this. People honestly don't realize how much shit thin women get for having healthy bodies. My mother has been accused of being a crack head, because according to the sniveling 500lb woman that called her such, "no one looks like that unless they're on drugs."
    I just don't understand why being healthy is suddenly unattractive.

    • I got teased for having cheekbones once...

    • And people say skinny shaming doesn't exist. Youand your mother stay strong.

    • DivaMonae

      It's not and there are people that do understand... But it doesn't seem like there are many people that understand that this issue should be eliminated altogether not swapped out by the other.

  • theceejmachine

    Oh, cry me a river. I have yet to meet anyone who has a problem with skinny women. Try being plus sized in this world, honey. See how you like having men jeer at you for being overweight, with the attitude that you are less than human. I've never seen guys in a car purposely slow down to insult a slender women who is walking along. I'm sorry, you do not have my sympathy. Because plus size women fight a constant battle that no amount of makeup can cover up.

    • Oh, and I'm not thin, but I can give skinny women a run for their money at the gym.

  • totallycrushed

    I'm 5'8 and weigh 115 lbs and I honestly can't even run for ONE minute without feeling like I'm about to throw up. So, that part of your article was BS. Just like the entire myTake. You seem pretty full of yourself. Skinny shaming is NOT the same as fat shaming! But other people on here already explained it, so I'll leave it at that.

  • MandyRuth

    I used to get teased all of the time by girls in HS because I was skinny. I know now that they were just all jealous haters.

  • ThatRaccoonGirl

    Uh-huh, and you're TOTALLY not fat-shaming. What do you mean by 'Being able to touch my toes is beautiful'? Are you saying that being beautiful is only limited to how much you can do in the gym?
    The term beautiful is definitely not define by our sizes but rather our character. So instead of having such a narrow-minded view on the word 'Beautiful', I strongly suggest you don't fat shame in an attempt to boost your self-esteem

    • Yeah you took it wrong. Some fat people can touch their toes can't they? I didn't put anyone down it's just a matter of how people took it. I suggest you look at it in more than one perspective.

    • Well, guess what? I'm overweight yet I can touch my toes, do the spilts and do a backbend. So what's your point huh?

    • Some fat people probably can't but that doesn't mean they aren't healthy. I've met people who go to the gym regularly yet can't do it. It's a matter of flexibility too.

  • Tanisha69

    Who cares if you r skinny or fat? What a waste of my time reading that. Do you just like hearing yourself talk?

    • Says the one who commented when no one asked them to.

    • bobbyx

      She didn't talk. She typed into a computer.

    • Tanisha69

      @bobbyx whatever. it was pointless

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  • Phoenix98

    O yeah I remember that whole beach body advertisement accident wit the fat rights acceptance group lol were they actually threatened to bomb the companies headquarters. And the agency responded by putting up an even bigger advertisement hah.

  • vonasaurus

    i agree with one statement in this whole take: healthy is beautiful. but healthy and skinny are not mutually exclusive, and women of any size can be beautiful.

    now, before you go putting words in my mouth, i think of weight loss in terms of health. on top of the obvious toll that age and injury take on anyone, i have thyroid issues: i'm on a first-name basis with the staff at my local blood clinic, have to watch what i eat more than the average person, and take pills every day to keep from blowing up like a beached whale. but i've lost almost 20 pounds since my birthday in February.

    for the first time ever, i'm seeing results and, of that, i am proud. that said, i will never shame another person for not doing the same. weight loss is hard work, and i'm more than happy to provide encouragement or help if someone asks me for it. but, at the end of the day, it's not my place to put someone down.

    is fat really the worst thing you can be? what about shallow, vindictive, cruel? an obese person can lose weight, but you can't fix someone who's ugly inside.


  • princess_amanda

    Well then I'm not gonna apologize for being an attractive girl with meat on my bones. My body type may not be like the one shown on magazines or society's ideal, but I'm comfortable in my own skin. Fuck the media.
    And I can exercise without losing my breath and touch my toes. Lol.

  • Grungenoreos

    I believe any form of body shaming is bad. Also wanted to add that I can run for awhile without getting out of breath, I don't get stitches or dizzy when exercising for an hour, can touch my toes, and I can do the most push ups in my class as well as lift the most weight in it, yet I DO have a very good bmi, am in my weight range for my 5'2 self at 114 pounds (its 104-136 U. S Military Army standards), and I have a good fat and muscle percentage.

  • popsickle

    I honestly don't get it when people who have the majorly favored body type feel so insecure and threatened by the body positivity in the opposite way. I mean, sure, people can be shitty in how they make themselves feel better... but you've got more than enough praise to gas you up for a lifetime girl lol.

    • Don't get me started on my life story again because it is enough to make you understand why we are so insecure... smh

    • popsickle

      @helloitsmethere If you are very slim and have less curves, I understand. The original post is showing a magazine cover ideal body.

    • I actually have a decent amount of curves but I still get a ton of shit for it. Just because the media is showing skinny in a good light doesn't mean it always is.

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  • aliceinwonderland69

    This just seems like showing off mixed with covert fat shaming.

    • That's what I thought too. Like this whole passage:

      'Being able to run without shortness of breath in the first few feet because of my weight is beautiful. Being able to jump is beautiful. Being able to touch my toes is beautiful. Being able to lift at least half my bodyweight is beautiful. Being able to survive in nature is beautiful, Etc, etc.'

      Great job hiding your bitchiness, OP.

    • @fauchelevent am I lying though? Isn't that beautiful? Healthy = Beautiful. That's my whole and only point other than people shouldn't try to put people down about it like it's our fault that they aren't healthy.

    • 'People shouldn't try to put people down'

      > goes on a tirade wherein she makes obvious derogatory comments about fat people
      > whines about skinny shaming whilst blatantly doing the same thing
      > 'WAAAH, why aren't u being nice to meeeeeee, i'm so pwetty! uwu'

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  • sdistotallyme

    Thank you! This "fat acceptance" movement is just plain asinine. Im noticing more politically correct commercials with "large marges" in bikinis and I make a mental check point NOT to support that company that's bends over to be PC. Sorry but not "every" body is beautiful.

    In my experience big people can either be cool or are insecure loudmouth dbags. They use PC protection to badmouth and bully fit people in a pathetic effort to make themselves feel better. I've also met big people who have awesome personalities and I accept those people wholeheartedly. However it's rare to find big people who are in between.

    I know some people are more genetically predisposed to put on the pounds. However that is to a certain EXTENT. I used to be a pro MMA fighter and I've met heavyweights who were big in the midsection but still VERY athletic. They moved fast, had good cardio and really did train hard. The word fat doesn't even cross my mind with those guys. You could just tell by how they walk. However many other heavy people really are just lazy. Time for fat scooters...

    • DivaMonae

      Yeah I agree with you everybody isn't beautiful and we shouldn't act as though it is that's why it also applies to saying Healthy=Beautiful because you can be as healthy as you want but it won't necessarily make you beautiful and the same goes for being obese. Your face isn't the rest of your body.

    • @DivaMonae true. Not everyone really is and I see plenty of healthy people who aren't actually beautiful. But I think everyone is beautiful in the essence that they are all beautiful in their own way

  • Fibbett

    Did it ever occur to you that out are projecting your insecurities on to a stupid ad? The point of programs like that is for people who want to look like that, or at least in the general area of that: this ad is NOT FOR YOU.

    Where does it say "if you don't look like this, stay away from the beach, tubby!". It doesn't. This ad a IS NOT FOR YOU. The world doesn't revolve around you.

    Why show that woman? Because of course they're going to use their best results to what their program is capable of.

    I'm sorry, but it's WRONG to say that the bar a MUST be moved down to your level. If you really are happy with the way you are, why do you seem to have so much contempt for people who want to push themselves further? How can that possibly hurt you?

    I'm sorry, but as someone who's life has improved so much since I got into fitness, I'm sick of people acting like there is something wrong with improving my life. Like somehow, me wanting to push myself is offensive to them, because they're concerned that they'll be insecure or something.

    If you really, truly meant what you said about being happy the way you are, you wouldn't be upset. Because this ad would have NOTHING to do with you.

    • DivaMonae

      Took the words right out of my mouth ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • DixieforLife

    Okay so first all i feel that this mytake is pointless. No one "skinny shames"" as you say over and over. So i would highly appreciate if you would instead say anything is okay and any body big small tall short. Im nor fat or skinny and i find what your saying kinda offensive

    • That's a complete lie. Skinny shaming is real. If it weren't, then fat shaming isn't real... you know what... not gonna entertain your ignorance.

  • Ginnyweasley97

    Being able to run without shortness of breath, touch my toes, and lift half my body weight?
    Speak for yourself I weigh a hundred pounds and am 5 foot 2 and can't do any of the above.

  • MargaritaPeach

    I am happy for you that you are skinny. And healthy. And happy. I think it's a little sad that you feel that only thin people can claim the title of 'ideal beauty'. Marilyn Monroe is my idea of an 'ideal beauty', and she wasn't extremely thin. But whatever. You are beautiful and thin, and I am beautiful and not as thin. And I can still run and jump, by the way. Just love who you are. Not sure why everyone feels like size and weight are a competition.

    • Marilyn Monroe's measurements were 36"-24"-36". In modern US clothing sizes, that's a size 0 or 2.

      There's this weird meme out there that Marilyn was a size 10 or 12 or whatever, but, watching 5 seconds of any of her films would disabuse you of that idea in a hurry.

    • Well... my 36" hips don't fit into any size zero pants that I have found, but I am glad that is your idea of skinny or thin! I think people can be beautiful no matter what size they are. I also think fitness goal are important for everyone.

  • You make it out like the world is conducting a campaign of persecution against thin people. LOL I think you've got it mixed up and bass ackwards, honey.

    • No. There's no need for people to bash, insult, and make rude comments about people because they themselves do not fit that image. I think I've got it right.

    • Nah, you ain't got it right, sister. Skinny is and always has been fashionable.

    • It's not a matter of that. It's just that people who are things/skinny do get bullshit because of their image even though it's desired. What in your opinion am I not right about?

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  • FustratedFudgecake

    I'm thin but I still can't run a few feet without shortness of breath either haha and I don't keep to a diet, I eat whatever the hell I want to. A little bit of chocolate cake, whipped cream straight form the bottle, a bag of crisps or two, a couple of ham wraps, a big pack of pistachios (I love pistachios). I guess it's just down to nature at the end of the day. I bless my metabolic rate.

  • Yeah skinny women are the victims of everything that's why every Victoria secret model gets shamed and discriminated against. Skinny women have it worse than fat women, starving children in Africa, Cancer patients, people with rare deadly diseases, racism, and torture victims.

    • Actually lots of guys I know dont find the victoria secret models hot because they like their woman curvy. Not fat per say. Just curvier. Because you know, booty and wide hips? Lots of guys I have liked always went for the curvier girls. Peoole like to comment on how I look like a twig. I been called anorexic looking before and told I have no ass. I have many a times been told to gain weight by people. My aunt gave me some good advice: I appear too thin to peoole because even though my waist hasn't been smaller than 25 inches for years, I am in the middle of my weight zone, and I have a healthy bmi and fat percentage, the reason people tend to think i am too thin is because my hips dont protrude much at all and have little curves and peoppe tend to associate that with too thin, especially in this day where people are starting to realize skinny doesn't equal attractive. Skinny girls can be pretty but curvy women (Marilyn Monroe, Kim K, curvy friends, katy perry, bella thorne, ect) own sex

    • Appeal. Because the media and women tend to think skinny is good and makes us more attractive where as many studies have observed that men , in general, perfer curvy women (whether small or thick, CURVY). Hourglass shape hasn't been considered the ideal body for no reason.

    • @Grungenoreos Yeah but majorit of guys find skinny women attractive most of the time that could also be due to the fact that the model industry is dominated by females. The thing with that whole curvy subject is that many men have their own views of what curvy is and you can still be skinny and still be curvy at the same time its like when men are skinny but also get called skinny fat cause the only place they have fat showing up is in their stomach and they are only like a 120lbs too.

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  • itsallover

    It just feels as if you're taking subtle digs at overweight people, combined with humble bragging. Thumbs all the way down for this.

  • 99percentangel

    Yes, exactly stop skinny shaming. People got to understand that telling someone that they're too skinny and must "eat a burger and put some meat on their bones" is just as rude as telling someone they're fat and must go on a diet. Just wanted to put that out there. I personally believe no one should be body shamed whether they're thick, or thin. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Spread the love people.

  • Sophiaaaaaa

    Yeah, but all body types are beautiful. Just because a girl has a thigh gap doesn't make her anymore healthy than a larger girl. And the pictures in commercials don't look like you. Sorry. But those models are unhealthy. They are 5''10 plus and weigh 55 kg max.

    • Just because someone is underweight doesn't mean they are unhealthy and just because someone is overweight does not mean that they are unhealthy.

    • @helloitsmethere yes I agree, all girls eating a balanced diet are healthy regardless to their body type. but fashion models usually are on very strict diets to keep them at an unnaturally low weight. I know a lot of very sllim girls who eat like hell, but they never gain weight

    • That's true... I used to eat pizza everyday to gain weight and it didn't work.

  • shadowlegend

    You're not talking about healthy, you're talking about skinny, and skinny doesn't always equal healthy. And the message about respecting an individual's choices really gets lost in the arrogance of this.

  • Synh6416

    I get your point but this take was horribly written. You make it sound like there's this war on skinny people when you and I and every other woman know that a fat woman has it way harder than skinny women. I'm not fat or skinny, but I've been severely underweight and I know I didn't have it nearly as hard as fatter women.

    Also, if you did any bit of research, you'd know the BMI chart doesn't mean shit. It's a chart invented in the 19th century to calculate the ideal (not healthy) weight of white men and white women. Your BMI can be off the charts, but BMI is bull because it doesn't take into account muscle mass or ethnicity or metabolic rate, all which determine how much fat on your body is a healthy fat. You sound very high and mighty when you have zero reason to be. My BMI is 30 and I'm 5'3, but I played soccer for 17 years and ran track for 4 and did marching band for 6 and I still play sports and go to the gym. My dietician calculated mine and it came out that all that combined with my muscle mass and ethnicity meant that my BMI is actually a healthy one.

    Also, Beauty=Healthy, but Skinny does not. So just because you're skinny doesn't necessarily mean your healthy just like being 20 pounds overweight doesn't necessarily make you unhealthy. I run perfectly fine at my weight, too, and I'm not 140lbs. If you really were talking about 'beauty', you'd encompass all women, not just the skinny ones. But you're not. You being 'skinny' doesn't make you beautiful, either. It's your personality. And if this Take reflects any part of your personality, I don't think I could necessarily say I find it beautiful.

    Yeah, I know, you don't care. But hey, just my opinion.

    There's no shame in being skinny.
    There's no shame in being fat.
    There's no shame in being yourself.


    I absolutely agree. I am tired of fat feminists trying to force us men to like them and then shaming us because we prefer thin women. Ashley Graham does not belong on Sports Illustrated and overweight will never be beautiful because it is inherently unhealthy. Nurture only reinforces that which exists in nature, meaning that there is a reason men prefer thin women. Thin women worked hard for their bodies; they deserve to be proud.

    • Azara

      hmm most feminists I know are skinny or athletic. Fat was used historically to immobilized women like a stuffed pig... it's not very progressive. I don't see it as being a mark if feminist lol

    • @Azara
      Google "Triggly Puff"

    • Curvy is a shape not a size. I am thin and in shape. Never once dieted. Never needed to. I am naturally slim. But I often am told how I am too skinny and lack curves. I often get told how guys love ass and tits and how i might as well never date because I have nothing. Its true though. I dont have a nice, plump bottom or big boobs. I look like a 12 year old boy with some boobage going on. By the way these aren't fat girls shaming me for being thin. Its guys and girls who aren't fat. Being curvy isn't being fat. Its a shape. Its the significant width of one's hips in comparison to their waist and a bum that is proportion ate to their body and pronounced... I got neither.

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  • MissMc3

    You're completely correct and everyone here has just fallen prey to the wolves that are a politically correct society. Being thin or fit is beautiful, being chubby or fat is not, and they can't accept that.

    • DivaMonae

      That's like saying being white is beautiful and being black is not it's simply an opinion... Care to continue?

    • DivaMonae

      1. It's not always a choice if you honestly believe that someone being obese is simply because they eat too much or don't exercise you need to get better educated on health there's many other reasons and a few of gem are uncontrollable.

      2. It is an opinion you also need to get a dictionary or Google the difference between a fact and an opinion.

      3. Three o never said being chubby or fat is beautiful although that that is up a for interpretation. When I said that I was refering to other body types that are very well healthy but isn't considered "thin". Last time I checked thin skinny guys aren't the face of world it's muscular guys and yet both bodies are perfectly fine just like you don't have to be skinny to be healthy. Believe it or not you don't have to be thin or skinny to be healthy what happens to average bodies?

      4. And actually yes some people do believe it or not? Some people are attracted to overweight people over skinny people. Thats like saying guys only like girls with

    • DivaMonae

      With big boobs when its simply not true. Everyone likes what they likes and it doesn't fall under all of your stereotypic opinions or preferences.

      It may be less likely that someone dreams of marrying someone although there overweight or obese (but its not nonexistent) but yet they fall in love with a person that is and think they're beautiful and accepts them as they are. If you've never seen a fit person with an overwifht or obese person you should open your eyes and welcome to the real world. People like that get married pretty often and it's people like you that hate and leave nasty comments about it.

      Like I said what you have to say isn't true because it isn't a fact. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and believe it or not everyone's not shallow... Sorry not sorry ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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  • KattFeesh

    I've got a feeling your troll or guy or an idiot. There's no such thing as skinny shamming. Not in the sense that you imply. You don't want to be a sexy girl put a bag over your head and shut up

    • You're the real idiot and troll apparently. And obviously a fat freak. Fat is not sexy.

    • I actually do want to be sexy. Skinny is pretty but the women who actual own sex appeal are curvy women. Sure, everyone has different taste but generally curvy is whats sexy. Most guys would pick a curvy girl over a skinny chick. Science backs it up on all the reasons why men are attracted to lithe curves : wide hips in comparison to waist, bum, boobs, etc. I have nothing and so fuck my life. I make sure my 5'2 self gets to consume at least 2,000 calories a day (i have an app that tracks products and their nutrition by scanning it), am super healthy, haven't gotten sick in ages, and am improving greatly in fitness. But nahh my squats, lunges, sprinting and all my other booty and hips exercises are doing nothing but lifting and sculpting my body. Nothing is getting bigger

  • RainbowFanGirl

    I'm overweight and I don't eat pork. I'm overweight and the only thing I drink is water. I can run, jump, and do everything that you can, all while losing weight in the process.

    I'm sorry, but this take was not well thought out. You could have executed this take is a much better way. From my perspective it seems that you are bringing down fat and overweight people in order to bring skinny individuals up. I never understood why people feel the urge to put down other body types in order to bring others up. And I know, overweight people do it too. Both body types have the potential to be attractive...

    You could have did this take sooo much better. :( I got fat-shaming vibes. Sorry.

    • I am skinny and this take didn't do much for me because science and the guysin my life are proof that curvy is sexy. Not the fat kind of curvy. Its just i am thin (naturally!!) and have very little defined curves. I make sure my 5'2 self consumes at least 2,000 calories a day (i use an app that scans product bar codes and all the nutrition shit) and does booty and hip exercises... But nothing ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    • @Grungenoreos I have that app too. :) Bkth body types are beautiful though.

    • DivaMonae

      What is there to be sorry for she's not sorry for offending anyone and you managed to say what you had to say without shaming someone in the process...

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  • BoobMan

    Hahaha! I remember last year when there was all the drama around that poster from Protein World! That poor model got sooooo much hate!

  • somebodysaycheese

    You make the assumption being thin is in direct coorelation with being healthy and beautiful lol. So, it used to be being model thin was attractive now the girls who have some shape are being praised. Stop whinning skinny will always be in but curves most likely won't be. Some girls dont need to do squats or get implants and they should be proud of thier bodies too and now people are noticing them. in a few years model thin will most likely be what is beautiful again.