The ugly brother


In middle school I would always get made fun of the way that I look because of how big my head is and it did not stop till I graduated from middle school. Any name you can think of I’ve heard it all. Cartoons and movies. I have spent 3 years feeling completely insecure about myself that I couldn’t wait till I left middle school

My time in high school was very different. I guess since the high school that I went to was very big unlike my middle school not everyone had to see each other every single day. My 2 younger brothers were both in a relationship in high school. While I stayed single. How great!

I graduated high school and went to college still single. My 2 younger brothers graduated after me. Both of them were still in a relationship with the girls that they met in high school.

The ugly brother

Being a 3rd wheel freaking sucks 😴. Wherever my brother went his girlfriend was there right by his side. There I was being a 3rd wheel smh 🤦‍♂️.

My other brother dated his girlfriend for awhile. I never would’ve thought that they would have broke up but they did. Fast forward years later and my brother is another relationship

In 2017/2018 I finally had my 1st girlfriend. It was definitely a long time coming. It was a long distance relationship that I believe lasted for about 6-8 months.

One of my little brothers became a father to twins on 10/21/17 with his girlfriend from high school. From what I know he’s the only who has kids. Unless my sister that I never met before does. He’s living what I can only dream of

My other little brother broke up with his 2nd girlfriend cause that relationship was just toxic as I don’t know what. Of course he now has another girlfriend. I’ve got to be a 3rd wheel once again.

During the holidays my cousin would ask my brother every now and then where was his girlfriend at? I would hear her ask him that every single time. I started to think that she doesn’t think that I’m capable of getting a girlfriend.

I’ll avoid talking about my coworkers. That ruined enough!

Now to talk about my 2 older brothers!

One of them has had his fair share of relationships and I’ve got to see or hear about just about all of them. I’ll just end it there because I don’t appreciate the things that he went through during those times

Just like my sister that I have never met before I have a brother that I never met before. Until 2 years ago that is. First time I ever seen him and he has a wife

I am the ugly brother!

The ugly brother
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