Experienced guy and virgin girl is my ideal for marriage, Is it yours too?

Hi, I'm an experienced guy (less than 10 sex partner) and think a virgin girl would be better for marriage. What do you think about sexual experience before marriage for girls?

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  • I think it's kinda crappy that you feel that a women needs to have never had sex before to be good enough, yet you can have had multiple partners and still be worthy. I'm mean it's totally your preference and that's cool but at the same time I'd just like to point out the obvious sexism in your opinion.

    • They can have sex if they want but then they aren't wife material anymore.

    • No, you with that horrible sexist attitude isn't "wifey" material. I'm a virgin at the moment and I find comfort in the fact knowing that I can keep my innocence or loose it whenever I want. I don't have to wait to be married off to some prick of a husband that's had his fair share of fun yet thinks I shouldn't be able to experience the same without being judged.

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  • No, if she's a religious devoted virgin girl then she deserves a religious devoted virgin guy.

    A 25-29 year-old man still wanting a girl that's waiting till marriage while you're far from virgin status is a total creep.

    • Its not creepy to want a valuable girl as the wife.

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    • So basically not only are you a total hypocrite but you would be ok living a total lie, pretending to be someone you're not (faking being a believer and wanting kids) and continue scamming that woman through all the marriage?

      That the work of a total egocentric person.

    • OMG You're on point, Girl!! 😏^^^ (opinion Owner)!!!

  • I'm so happy that I'm not a virgin anymore so that I don't have any creeps creeping on me just because of my virginity.
    That's what I think.

    • You are free to be happy with who you are but if you were a 22 virgin you could be my ideal but you aren't anymore.

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    • You're SO cUTE!@

    • @hypno-trip I don't think taking someone's virginity is "lucky", it's just sex. You don't really lose anything, you gain sexual experience.

      Asker, thankfully he's not a hypocrite like you so he's not going to leave just because I'm not a virgin anymore. Unlike you, he really doesn't give two shits about past partners, sexual experience etc.

  • nah it's not.

    if a man isn't a virgin, I'm not going to date him. sounds so unfair but it's really important to me. i waited... i deserve to have someone who waited too.

  • A woman's worth is not based off of how many men she's slept with. Point blank. Period. End of story.

    • A "whore" is just a woman who acts like a man. If you say that about a woman who enjoys sex then she could easily question how a tool like you could be a good father.

    • I could be by staying loyal to my wife and taking care of her and our children after marriage I will not cheat on my wife that makes me a good husband and good father.

    • She could do the same! Just because a woman has had multiple sexual partners does not mean she will be unfaithful to you when committed. Your logic is completely outdated, misogynistic and frankly annoying.

  • Yes, that sounds so ideal! Also, you can exchange her for some goats and chickens if need be, virgin women will get you more.
    Are we in the year 1569 or something?

    • And before anyone starts babycrying, no. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin or waiting. That's not what I'm ridiculing.
      If a person is being a hypocrite and wants a virgin when they are not, that is what I'm talking shit about.

    • Sounds like 1074 to me, don't forget, he has plenty of horseshit to trade too.

  • It's cool but it's not my ideal. My ideal would be him being a virgin too or have done it with 2/3 girls maximum.

  • You're probably from India or Turkey.

    • Yes Turkey. How you find it?

  • Why do you think they are IDEAL for marriage? I don't think there is such "IDEAL" or "BAD" match for marriage lol as long as they love each other and want to spend time together...
    Also, I think if SHE also wants to be with an experienced guy or doesn't care whether he is a virgin or not, it would be fine.
    BUT if you approach a girl with that attitude... I'm not sure there is a girl or a virgin girl who would want to marry you.

  • Makes no difference to me either way, virgin or not.

  • I'd rather not have him be too experienced if possible. It just leaves a bad aftertaste as if he would cheat on me or something. If he didn't have many partners I'd be happier.

  • I meant to click no FACK

    Both parties having sexual experience is my ideal.

  • Virgin women don't want manwhores with lousy attitude, sorry

  • Oh, it's you again. From Turkey?

    I don't understand how you think this is ok.

    • Yes I'm again. Why? I want to marry a nice girl at the end.

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    • honor in the sense you mean is a twisted ideal. I don't consider hypocrisy honorable.

    • Deception is also dishonorable - forgot to add that.

  • I am a 22 year old virgin and I stay far away from guys like you because your hypocrisy disgusts me.


    • What if a guy like me ask you to marry him? He will never cheat and take care about you because he had his experiences before.

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    • @Asker, you are not marriage material. It is blatantly obvious. You already looked ridiculous but now you are implying that you would teach children absolutely deplorable social concepts as a "sexually experienced man" -_-

    • @Asker i thought they are kind of the same things...

What Guys Said 10

  • I think it is weird that people make such a fuss about whether the female in the relationship has had sex or not. In fact, in find it quite sexist and disgusting. Why not both sides virgins then - because you have already messed that up? Kaaay.

    Voted B). I find this nonsense. If the female is "less valuable" because she has already had sex, then the "experienced" guy you speak of Worth's exponentially less for each sexual partner that fuels his hypocrisy.

    • Thank you!! <3

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    • Lol! The only one responsible for your executed behavior and your accepted valued and standards toward yourself is YOU.

  • That's a bit hypocritical statement, don't you think?

  • I'd want someone experienced, not a frightened virgin, myself.

    • You have no honor.

    • Sharpen your honor, and then sit on it, and then rotate 3 times in each direction, varying the speed of rotation.

  • So guys are allowed to have fun while girls are not? Ok sure. How in the hell does s girls choice to have sex or not have anything to do with whether or not she's "wife material"? Good luck finding a decent girl you hypocritical dumbass.

    • Not only that but he basically wants to use the virgin wife as a commodity. He doesn't care nor have feelings for her, to him she would just be a reproducing machine. Same with the girls he had sex, he uses them only to disregard them as sex toys. This asker will go as far as lying about believing in god and also about wanting kids and lie his way to get that girl... by being someone he's not.

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    • @Vesuvius87 I am not a lair I find it better to obey my culture and its standards.

    • @Asker Everything you stated does indeed matches some of the characteristics of a sociopath such as egocentrism, deceptive, shallow feeling and using others for personal profit or gratification/pleasure, one to be avoided at all cost

      You're still a liar because you're going to pretend to be a believer and go along with getting the woman pregnant even when you don't even want kids. You're still scamming that woman. You're still using her for your own profit. You're sick

  • What are all the girls that you've hitherto had sex with then?

    • They can find cuckolds to marry them.

  • I'd rather be a sexual amateur than be a whore.

    • I mean not to insinuate that you actually are a whore sorry that sounded too harsh.

    • who's the biotch that downvoted me she's a biotch.

  • Well, I'd rather not try to put too much weight on my partner's virginity for marriage material. There's much more pressing issues than that for a good marriage. However, I'm an inexperienced guy, and I'm not sure what's better for marriage for me. On one hand, an inexperienced girl would be nice because there would be less pressure and such. On the other, an experienced girl could teach me so there will be less trial and error, however, she won't have much patience with me becuase I don't know what I'm doing.

    Worry more about that you and her can put up with each other's shit first.

  • I wouldn't marry a virging at gunpoint. I would date her before, and have sex naturally, to find out how we function together sexually. Maybe she has desires I am not comfortable with and vice versa. It's like seeing your spouse on the wedding day for the first time. What if you don't like her?

    • its stupid if guy and girl are in same levels in age and looks they can have good sex together.

  • I smell troll again.

    • Your nose is wrong, to make it clear I'm from a different culture.

  • Some people would agree with this fantasy. Oh yeah there is even a name for you peeps. DICKHEADS!

    • And there is a name for people like you too CUCKOLDS!