How to tell her I'm interested?

How do I get a girl to know that I am interested in her, like more than just fooling around. I don't want a fwb, I want a relationship, how do I let her know that in a flirtatious way?


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  • One of the most difficult things to do is to tell a girl that you like her. A lot of guys out there never tend to say what's on their mind only due to the fear of rejection. You see if you approach the girl the wrong way its obvious that she will indeed reject you but in order to get a yes response and get her to like you back you need to do it in the right way. Read on to discover some of the most earth shattering ways using which you can tell a girl that you like her and at the same time get her to like you back...

    First just be friends- Now this does not mean you should start hanging around her all the time. This only means that get her to know you a bit and open the doors of communication. You see the major mistake a lot of guys make is that they tend to tell the girl directly that they like her and she often ends up rejecting them right away. You see this is the reason why you must protect yourself first and be friends with her.

    Do things which she would love- Be the man she would love to be with. When you are around her do all possible things that any girl magnet would do and let her notice you a bit. You see often you don't even directly have to tell her, when you do the right things at the right time she would start liking you herself.

    Say it in a way as if you are complimenting her- You see when you do it this way she simply can not refuse the proposal. Tell her that she is a great fun person to be with and you truly enjoy her company and like her a lot. You see you said it and she wouldn't even mind when you say it this way.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • Just be a gentleman - hold the door open for her and let her walk through first, those kinds of things - and just try to carry simple coversation "hey how was your weekend?" and actually LISTEN to what she says.

    If she mentions names or certain details that you remember and bring up later she will definitely be impressed! For instance, if she said she got in a big fight with her friend Ashley, the next time you see her you can ask how she and Ashley are doing...or something like that. \

    And don't let the initial conversation go anywhere sexual, or else she will think you are just like any other guy just looking for the goodies! Just be sweet, smile, and if you can make her laugh then you are golden! :)

  • alot can depend on the girl but me I don't like those guys that are all game my bro is like that and it toatally annoys me! If a guy were to want to let me know he liked me would just be by saying nice things he wouldn't tell other girls, not treat me as bad as he did other girls, and when we would be talking by lightly touching my shoulder that gets my heart racing haha, making me laugh,hugging me when he says bye (im not a girl who hangs out with many guys so), and listening meaningfully when I talk=)


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