How at risk will you be for a divorce if you get married (by your age)?

The research on marriage, age, and divorce is pretty interesting and age is a hot topic here lately so thought I'd share!

*Before late 20s:
Studies show people who get married before 25 have a 50% higher chance of divorce compared to those married at 25. The risk for divorce goes down as the years go on, which makes sense due to maturity, financial stability, etc. Young couples are the highest rated for divorce, with one exception.

*Late 20s to Mid-30s
The best ages to get married, in terms of likelihood to get divorced, are 28 to 32. Similarly, replicated research shows the risk of divorce is lowest for people who marry in the late 20s to mid 30s, with the lowest risk for people who marry 30-34.

*Mid-30s and older
After 35, the risk of divorce starts to climb again, but is still much lower than the risk for those who marry in late teens and early 20s.

*Age Gap couples
Marriages with large age gaps are the minority, but they definitely exist! These have the highest rates of divorce. The risk is actually extremely high, with some research showing that a 20 year gap comes with a 95% risk of divorce. I expected it to be much higher than the rest, but it's actually extremely high. When the age gap is 30 years, they're 172% more likely to get divorced. Even just a 10 year difference means couples have almost 40% higher risk for divorce.

But of course, some couples beat all the odds!

Which category do you think you'll be in?

If all goes well, pretty sure I'll be in the ideal age range. If not, light a candle and say a few hail marys and what not for me :D
How at risk will you be for a divorce if you get married (by your age)?
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