"Do you want to marry me" or "will you marry me" What's the difference between two marriage proposals?

My boyfriend asked me the question "do you want to marry me?" I said that I didn't see any reason of not marrying him...

Now I was wondering about the difference between "do you want to marry me" and "will you marry me"

any ideas?


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  • No difference at all. Guys don't over-think like we girls do.

    • I could not agree more. It would have never crossed my mind that there could be a difference in "Will you marry me?" and "Do you want to marry me?"

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    • I see. I thought that you guys are already arguing :p

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  • will you marry me is "a hypothetical situation"

    • I disagree. I see "will you marry me" as a direct question...as in what guys say when they pop the question.

      I see "do you want to marry me" as a general inquiry. I guess I see neither as a hypothetical situation, but I see "do you want to marry me" as the closest to a hypothetical situation.

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    • I see, thanks for the wonderful insight. Anyway, he also told me that by the time that I will pay him a visit he will do something wonderful.

    • Sounds like we were right then :)

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  • Well if he wasn't down on one knee offering you a ring then it wasn't an official proposal. "Do you want to marry me?" is probably his way of finding out if you would want to marry him before making an actual proposal. He's asking if you WANT to marry him, but not if you WILL marry him. "Will you marry me?" is the actual proposal. He's asking if you WILL agree to be his future bride right then and there. At least that's how I understand it.

    • Guys don't think that much, dear. Read the guy's comment on my answer.

    • That's one guy though, that's not all guys. The guy who commented above is more in line with my thinking. So that's 50/50 lol

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