Why did he change his mind about his Christmas gift?


I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little shy of 4 months. Things are going great right now. I’ve been thinking about buying him a small gift for Christmas but i didn’t know if it was too soon or not.

So i texted him and asked him last Tuesday what did he want for Christmas. He texted back and sent me a picture of these $200 dollar pair of shoes. And said we can go half on them … i want them” so i agreed. He told me the shoes come out December 11th and he wears a 9.5. So i said okay. Then i said you know what they say about women buying men shoes and he said “I’m not leaving you”

Today ( a week later) he texted me and said i want these shirts for Christmas. He sent two pictures of these $15 dollar shirts. So i said i don’t think I’ll have enough to go half on your shoes and the shirts… i have bills still plus others to buy gifts for. And he said i don’t want the shoes anymore just the shirts.

TL:DR; what made him change his mind about the gifts. Was it what i had said
Why did he change his mind about his Christmas gift?
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