The boyfriend and the expensive birthday gift he wants but I can't afford

my boyfriend has always made more money than me in the past. I first struggled to meet the $150 amount HE put on the Christmas gifts we exchanged and I thought he put that amount out there because he already bought something for that price.

then came Valentine's day (which everyone knows, is usually the GUYS getting something nice for the GIRLS, but please save your opinions on the holiday). I didn't have a lot of money, but I went online and bought him a shirt, tie and some other things that were from his two favorite TV shows (so it wasn't just ANY tie, it was the "duckie" tie from HIMYM). It was about 50 total, but it was all I could afford. Unexpectedly, he bought me a tiffany heart necklace, took me out to a really expensive french restaurant and bought a movie ticket to see "the vow" with me that night. it was the best Valentine's day I've ever had in my entire life.

my birthday is in late March, he couldn't make it up to see me but sent me a package with an old high school shirt of his, a memory book he put together, a tiara and some total it couldn't have cost more than $20. I thought it was weird, being that everything else for holidays was so expensive on his end, but then I also thought that maybe birthdays weren't as important holidays to him.

His birthday is coming up in a week. he KNOWS I no longer have a job, and no money. I'm going to struggle to just match the $20 he spent on my birthday present (which I thought was appropriate: you match what the other person spends). He then told me that he KNEW what he WANTED from ME for his birthday...a very expensive camera lens.

i laughed and asked him what he got me for my birthday. he smiled but made the excuse that Valentine's day was just before that...which I kinda felt like he was throwing in my face. I never asked him for a fancy/expensive Valentine's day...especially since we were both in college at the time.

i feel like if I get him something up to $20, the MAX amount he most likely spent on my birthday, he would be disappointed. what do I do?!?!
The boyfriend and the expensive birthday gift he wants but I can't afford
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