What makes one girl "hot" and one gorgeous/stunning?

You hear men say all the time "Wow that chick is so hot!" Other times, you will hear them say a girl is cute or pretty. What about a womans looks determine what category she is placed in by men? I think a 'hot' woman might dress more provocativley and have a great body as opposed to her face. I have definitely heard guys call 'butterfaces' hot and I didn't get it... and a pretty girl might be more down to earth and have a better face as opposed to her body? Guys what do you think?


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  • Well I'm a girl but I have to tell you this

    I think it depends on the type of men evaluating this girl themselves.

    Like,take a group of men getting drunk at some place commenting on some "hot chick' over there at the bar..she'd probably have some big boobs,clearly visible one meter deep cleavage..so on...

    another group at some business meeting would comment on a hot chick's self confidence,being able to make decisions and think logically..also how hot she looks in glasses and lingerie (in their heads lol)

    it always depnds on the class of men and the circumstances you meet them.


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  • your answer is in your cuestion, gorgeous/stunning is something that is there, that can be seen with the eyes, appealing to the eye, a butterface would harly be stunning to me, but HOT is another story, hot needs a minimum physically, but an otherwise "ugly" girl can be hot with a lot of attitud and right frame, I deeply think HOT is more of an attitud than appearance

  • Hot is body-focused, cute/pretty is face-focused, and stunning is both-focused. You're correct.

  • Many women are hot, but even less are stunners; Tay Tay Swift is a stunner.

    • Ehh, I think she's alright

      I think Adrianna is stunning. Hot bod, beautiful face

      Taylor swift looks weird to me. But everyone has diff opinions lol

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  • hot means that she carries sex appeal

    gorgeous stunning means that she is either extremely beautiful or sometimes it can mean hot but even better than hot

    because hot is often just her body but gorgeous or stunning is also about her face.

    a girl who is plain or average who dresses hot and takes good care of her body and keeps her hair feminine and wears makeup can usually look hot

    but being gorgeous or stunning is more from mother nature

    butterfaces are hot if they have sexy bodies. of course guys notice a pretty face but they can't help but ogle a hot body.


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