Why does he still want me around if he doesn't want to be with me?

My ex and I broke up last September because he met someone else. It hurt me a lot because he lied about her, but I was not an idiot, I knew about her and that he was lying. When we broke up he wanted to help me heal and came to see me a lot on weekends and made it clear he wanted to be friends. But I asked for space because it was too hard knowing he was with someone else (even though he went out of his way to hid his new relationship). I didn't talk to him for a month, but after a week of not talking things feel apart with the new girl and he started messaging me a lot.

After a month I saw him again and we slept together, it was Christmas and we ended up spending the holidays together. I was hoping we could work things out again but I realized he had no intention of getting back together. I tried to walk away and cut off contact, and I have tried a number of times now. Every time he ends up pulling me back in.

Now, I am going home for a visit and told him I am thinking about moving back. I said I don't want to talk to him while I am away so I can figure out what I want. He got really upset and kept trying to get me to agree to talk to him while I am away. He doesn't want me to move but I told him I can't stay here because he wants me too.

Why is he so upset I want to move on with my life? Why does he still want me to talk to him? It not like he can have sex with me while I am out of town. He's not interested in a relationship so why does he want to be my friend so bad?
Why does he still want me around if he doesn't want to be with me?
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