12 Awesome Cures for Writer's Block

12 Awesome Cures for Writer's Block

Time is passing by, and you are still here looking at a screen with little to no words on your word document. You feel a headache coming on, and you know that you should be writing, but you do not have any inspiration to. Your mind draws a blank. We have all experienced this feeling before.

You guessed it: Writer's block. A dreaded feeling that leaves us squirming, trying to pour out words before the deadline of our essays, or trying to push out an article every Friday for a blog. It's a horrible feeling. Surprisingly, writer's block can be more than no desire to write. It can also be your fear talking. Here are a few cures for writer's block to get you started with overcoming this.

1. Talk to the little voice inside your head

Whether it's for your college professor or an article for thousands to read, thinking about whom will read it and what they will think about it can be daunting. So, forget about them and create a little voice in your head. That voice is your best friend, your number one fan, and loves everything that you put out. Talking to this voice will ease the anxiety you feel, thus providing a cure to your writer's block.

2. Take breaks

Maybe you are just tense and need a break, and that is okay! Go wash the dishes, get up and stretch, take a shower, or do anything you need to do before getting back into the zone. Taking your mind off your writing could be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing. Forcing ideas to pop up in your head may actually be hindering your creativity. Inspiration for something genius can come when you least expect it.

3. Take a trip

Go to the park. Go see a friend that you haven't seen in ages. Just go somewhere, but there is a kicker: don't drive. Take a taxi, or bus, or even a plane. But don't forget your writing tools. Think about some ideas for your essay or article and jot them down as you ride. Don't stop until you arrive at your destination.

4. Don't plan your posts

A deadline could speed up the writing process, but it may end up making the writing not as good as it can be. So, write on your own time. You may have lost motivation for a particular essay. Write whatever comes to your mind. That one spark may turn into a masterpiece.

5. Try writing at a different place

Getting up and leaving your work space may actually cure your writer's block. If you can, get up and leave that environment. Go to your local park, or Starbucks, or if you can't go to those places, just get up and move away from your desk. Take your laptop or iPad and just write.

6. Try writing at a different time of day

Fixed schedules may become a part of our daily routines. Many famous writers had one. Getting into a habit can be a good thing, but what if that habit becomes associated with something negative or boring? Change it around a little and experiment. Try writing in the early morning or late night. You may find yourself even more inspired.

7. Reread your past writing

If you have some old posts, go back in read them. Sometimes we lose motivation and need something to motivate us. Remember your very first post, or your very best post? Go back and read them word by word. You may be doubting your writing skills and need something to start you up again. That great writer is still inside you, and didn't go anywhere. See how great you are? Sometimes a little reminder is all we need to regain our confidence.

8. Stealing ideas is okay

Your desire to be original may be causing your writer's block all together. You have a great idea, but it has already been done before. That's okay! Take that idea and make it your own, but don't outright plagiarize and copy that person. Grab ideas from different sources and mix them together to make your own creation. Read and research your topics and use those ideas in your next piece. As Austin Kleon says: “All creative work builds on what came before.”

9. Don't compare yourself to other people

It's good to read other people's work, but comparing your writing skills to their's may stop you from writing to your full potential. Your talents are unique. You should be embarrassing those talents for yourself without feeling that envy. Your basic and strait-to-the-point style of writing may communicate with your readers more than Author X's use of fancy words and vibrant metaphors. You will feel much better about your writing if you stopped comparing yourself to others.

10. Don't let your fear of criticism stop you

Haters lurk everywhere, in everyday life and the internet, and at least one person may not like you. You just have to deal with it and not let it get under your skin. What a few people think about your beliefs and writing in general should not affect you or your actions. Do not let them feel you with fear of getting your voice heard. It's not the end of the word. You are special and your talents should not go unheard. Letting go of the fear of negative criticism is one step towards eliminating writer's block. Remember: Haters gonna hate.

11. Just write, editing can come later

Attempting to create the perfect piece of literature can discourage you from finishing it. Stop trying to be perfect. Accept the fact that your rough draft may be crappy. Just write as fast as you can. Editing can come afterwards.

12. Google things for inspiration

If you are having trouble finding a topic to write about, Google it. It's one of the most valuable tools right at your fingertips. Think of something you are passionate about and type it into the searchbar. Google never fails.

I hope this provided some relief to your writer's block. Sure there are countless ways to cure it, but I just stated some of the most effective and common ways. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

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  • Hmm what are you think of songwriting-- As in, do you think these tips transition pretty well to writing music?


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  • Your tips make me want to write more and more. This is such an inspiring piece of advice. Thanks for good reading matter. Writing well is difficult. I will try to improve my skills but meanwhile I use https://www.essayhelp.org/ writing service. Reasonable prices and 24/7 support. PS don't judge me pls


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  • I write until I can't write any more, even if only manage a page. Then I try again the next day and I usually get back to it.
    Reading other's work has put me on a downer before but like you said, people may prefer my style to that authors. It's unique to me. People have complimented me on my fluidity, dialogue and other things which I didn't even consider or thought wasn't that good. We're our own worst enemies. I read poorly written things and that motivates me to write more and better.
    I never limit myself to deadlines.

  • Great ideas :) I am a great believer in taking breaks, as in going for a walk and getting fresh air to clean up the mind.

  • I need deadlines for my readers. :p
    I have been slacking on that.

    Reading helps a lot. Not just books but other things as well.

    And being outside, exploring helps as well.

    Sometimes an idea just pops out of no where.

  • That was really helpful. I've had a bad case of writers block for days because I'm trying to finish these songs. I think it's hard because so many songs have been created and it's hard to find new material. I already tried moving to a new writing spot but I guess my writers block stalked me lol. I was outside just sitting there and tapping my pencil for like 30 minutes and didn't come up with anything. :) I still need to finish that song.

  • Great ideas! Great take. I am going to show this to one of my good friends who loves to write and is working on a novel now, she gets writers block sometimes xD