My Answers to an Array of Questions and Topics.

My Answers to an Array of Questions and Topics.

I thought I'd give my answers to some general questions and some questions I see on here. Hopefully my points are clear and I don't offend anyone with my potential smartass answers, because that's not my intention. Just want to make that clear. With that in mind, let's get started.

Political / Religious Questions:

1. Do you think women should be paid the equal amount men are? I think it doesn't really matter. I mean, I'm all for equality but as long as you have money to get by and survive in this world, why should what Bob in accounting makes matter to you? It shouldn't. Maybe it's not completely fair but life will never be fair and at least you have money.

2. Are you pro life or pro choice? I'm pro whatever is the best for that woman and her situation, be it keeping the baby, aborting the baby or putting it up for adoption. People need to realize this isn't an easy choice and no choice will be without it's regrets but you just do the best you can at the time and pray you did the right thing.

3. How do you feel about legalization of gay marriage? I feel fine with it. I believe love is love and everybody should have the right to marry the one they love, whether it's the standard norm or not.

4. Do you think you have the right to refuse services to someone based on your religious beliefs? No, because you're a business and it's your job to serve all people no matter what. Your beliefs have nothing to do with that and any good lawyer could argue that if your beliefs stop you from serving a gay couple, does that mean that you will not serve certain straight people because they did things that are also against your religious beliefs? Say like, having a child out of wed lock? Because we all know sex before marriage and children out of wed lock are against the Christin way. So, if you refuse one based on beliefs then you need to refuse all that go against your beliefs. It's only fair.

Relationship Questions:

6. Can you fall in love online? This is what people tend to not get, they think love is this calculated scientific fomat with many elimates to it and only under these certain calculated circumstances can love truly form. When, that's not how it works at all. It's about connection,compatibilty and feelings. So, at anytime at any place anywhere you could fall in love, that includes online. Just because it's not the norm and you've never met, doesn't mean it's not real or it won't work. I'm an open minded person and I feel love will find you how it's meant to and you just have to be open to it in any way it comes.

The Odd Things People Ask and my Truthful but Sarcastic Answers:

7. Why Are Fat People So Fat? Because, when they woke up they thought "Today's the day I eat all greasy foods all the time and get to be at least 500 lbs or more. Potentially worsen my heart condition, have to buy two tickets to fly on an airplane, potentially never get a date again and have people ridicule me and treat me basically like crap. Let's start that plan today"

That's the sarcastic answer, the truth is there is a lot of reasons one could be over weight and it's not always over consumption of food. However, when it is because of that people need to realize food is a vice just like, drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling and even at times sex. People turn to those things and food to cope with trama or life in general and sometimes the thing you turn to can turn on you but in that moment you're just thinking about masking the feeling you're trying so hard to forget. Nobody wants to be overweight but that doesn't mean that if they are you can possibly know why, so don't assume you do or ask questions like that.

8. How Do I Land a Specific Raced Girl? Well, you get your fishing pole. Then you put some bait on it and then go to the nearest populated city and cast out your line, then after something bites you reel it in and dinner is served.

That's the sarcastic answer, the truth is you can't. A) Women aren't trout, you can't land us. B) When two different races are together, it's not because they are different races. It's because they had a great connection, many things in common and found love. They just so happen to find that with someone of another race not because they were another race. Does Everybody get that?

9. How Do I Get a Specific Raced guy to Come to Me? Quite simple really, you go get a Milk Bone or a Beggin strip. Then you find the specific raced guy you want and then (say he's white) you start saying "here white guy. Here white guy, white guy, white guy. Come on white guy, come on boy". Then once he comes to you, you say "Good white boy! Who's a good white boy? Who's a good white boy?" Followed by "Sit white boy sit! Good boy, here's your Beggin Strip". Then you scratch him behind the ears, rub his tummy and you now have your life companion.

That's the sarcastic answer, the truth is (once again) YOU CAN'T! IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY! Men aren't dogs, you can't whistle for them and have them come running to you. My above answer applys to this response too, people don't go looking for people of different races they just so happen to find their perfect match with someone who is a different race. Again, do people get that it's about the person and not the race?

10. Why Are All The Ugly People Getting Dates, but us Attractive Ones Aren't? I find this is a pretty obvious answer, because they fell in love with the person and it's not always about looks. How is that not obvious to the people who ask these questions?

11. Why Do Really Attractive People Go For Really Unattractive People? Again, because they found love and it's not about looks. Besides, it's not about "going for" someone, it's about finding someone you connect with. You might not find that person attractive but that doesn't mean that person they're with feels that way. Relationships are more than looks, why don't people get that?

12. Do White Girls Even Like White Guys Anymore? I know they say there's no such thing as a stupid question but, after being on here for 3 years I don't find that statement true. Why wouldn't they? Just because you see some girls with different raced guys, doesen't mean they are shunning the whole white race. What about two people connecting and finding romance, is so hard for people to comprehend? I think it's fairly obvious conclusion.

13. Why Are Guys Mean to Really Hot Sexy Girls? We're Hot, Why be Mean? A) Chances are if they're are being mean to you, it's not because of how you look but because of how you act. B) Beauty on the outside, doesn't mean beauty on the inside and for one to be truly beautiful it has to be inside and out. If you're not a nice person and have no redeemable qualities from within, then your attractive outside isn't going to matter. So, being sexy doesn't matter if you treat people poorly and act like an ass (that applys to women and men).

Miscellaneous Topics:

14. Blind Trust in People: I was watching a Lifetime movie last night and I was thinking how easily people trust random people they meet on the street, everyday and never question anything. Yet, people they meet online all they do is question them. I think it's quite naive to blindly trust anyone nowadays, I think trust should be earned and that you shouldn't assume because you met them on the street that they are more trustworthy then someone online. If you look at all the crimes that have happen through out the years a good majority of them (if not all of them), have been people who met and trusted someone in their "real life". So, how people could just blindly trust someone considering everything, is beyond me. Always be aware.

15. Legalization of Medical Marijuana: Honestly, I don't think drugs are a good idea but if it can help with your pain, why not? Also, out of all the illegal drugs out there I find marijuana to be the least bad. I know a lot of people that have either tried it or do smoke it on occasion, for fun and I don't find it to be a big deal. So, I don't see a problem with it.

16. Being More Important in Their Life Then Those That Came Before You: I want people to understand that just because you date someone, doesn't mean that the people that came before you are obsolete. So, don't assume you're so special that they'll give up spending time with their family or friends. Yes, you should be a prioity but you not the only priority and you need understand that. I just want to make that clear.

Those my thoughts and feelings, feel free share yours.

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  • A very insightful and pretty much ass kicking/ badass MyTake

    These are basically all the things we sometimes find so obvious and yet the people that pose these questions seem not to get.

    Great job!


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  • 2. Whatever is best for the woman and her situation.

    1. It doesn't matter if the woman doesn't get what's best for her and her situation.

    I mean really? And you're a woman yourself, that's just embarrassing.

    • How's it embarrassing? What did I say that's such an embarrassment to women?

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    • But, it's not any of my business what some makes. Unless you ask the person, how would you even know and why does it even matter?

    • Please use your brain. If wage equality was real you wouldn't need to ask because Bob would be paid just the same as you and you would know that. Right now you don't because you live in a society that treats women unfairly and as inferior human being whose work and time is worth less than a man's. If that doesn't matter to you, like I said, this is all very embarrassing. Even if it were JUST about the money, how does a couple thousands of dollars a year not matter? Do you think that any man would for a second accept this just because it's 'none of his business'?

  • Yea it sounds nice when you phrase abortion like what is best for the woman's situation. So a woman should always be able to kill her growing baby because her situation does not allow for it in her 10 year plan.

    • That's not what I meant, I don't mean to abort the baby for selfish reasons. I meant, if she was raped or a scare teenage girl who got knocked up by her boyfriend or maybe the baby was going to have a lot health problems. Stuff like that, a situation like that.

    • interesting note on the abortion issue, it's only legal to abort when the fetus isn't developed enough to sustain life with or without medical intervention.

      The amount of time a fetus can be born early keeps getting pushed back, i think it's like 28 weeks early or something right now. Then there is the fertility research developing ways to grow a fetus outside them womb and implant it once it's old enough to require a mother's womb. These 2 will converge fairly soon, thats the rumor anyway, then all of a sudden abortion will be illegal and every conception will result in a child weather the mother carries it or not.

      What's more interesting is what the law is going to say about who is responsible for the baby, the way the law has been towards men who didn't want a child crates precedence for women being financially responsible for every child they have no matter what. Very interesting times...

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