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Hey there guys and gals, this is something that I've been wanting to write for a while now and now that I have the time for it I thought I'd give it a shot. This is general advice to living your life which I hope will help out a person or two, it's long but I promise it's a good read. I'm giving a warning, it's not for the light hearted and fairly graphical.

There are only two important events in a person's life: birth and death. Now everyone knows what birth is, but there are very few people out there that fully grasp the importance of death. I know you probably think that's an idiotic statement to make, but I promise you it's true. Until I was 22 I used to think I knew what death was and thought I had accepted that life was temporary and fleeting, but boy was I wrong. At 22 I started working in a hospital lab and part of my job dealt with taking care of things in the morgue. For two years of my life, I saw death multiple times a day on a daily basis. I've seen countless of dead people and plenty of autopsies. It's only once you've seen that much death that you truly grasp what it means and accept it, something that can really only come from experience, but I'll do my best to describe it.

I'll never forget the first autopsy I saw, seeing this person who was alive just the day before, who had people who loved her and people she loved now lie on a cold metal table having her organs systematically removed as if she wasn't a person at all, as if she was an animal. It was on that day that I first accepted that we humans are nothing more than animals, you'd be hard pressed to find major differences between us and other species. The only difference between other animals and us is that we're smarter than them, that's it. We're really nothing more than a walking sack of organs that are meant to keep us alive, that's true whether you choose to accept it or not.

After a while of seeing all these dead people you start realizing that life is truly meaningless, completely and utterly meaningless, no matter what you do or who you are you will end up in pvc bag, placed in a big fridge, and then buried where you will decompose as if you never existed. Sure, your family and friends will be sad and they'll miss you, but eventually they'll die and end up as fertilizer just like you and then you'll be forgotten in history just like almost every other person that has ever lived. Depressing? Good, it's supposed to be. That's life, you're born, some stuff happens, then you die, and the world goes on like it doesn't even matter and that's because it doesn't matter; you don't matter.

However, lets look at it from a different perspective now. After a while do you think I cared about all these dead people that I saw? Nope, not at all. The last dead guy was the same as the last dead guy, dead. It didn't matter what he accomplished in life, if he was a lawyer or janitor or doctor or homeless, he was dead and heading to the same exact place along with everyone else. I know that's not a different perspective, but it really is. If none of this matters and you only have one shot in life what would you do? What would you want to experience? What would you want to accomplish? That's the difference, accepting that for some reason you're alive and you have the entire world as your playground to do whatever the fuck you want because in the end it doesn't matter and that's the greatest gift of all. You have one life, don't waste it on mediocracy or doing things you hate doing or living an unfulfilling life to please someone else or to not be weird or so you can take the easy road because it's too hard. You have one chance to live the life you want and that is it, then it's game over.

You should always have a goal to strive for, no matter how big or small or uncontemporary it is. It doesn't matter if you fail trying, it doesn't matter if you fail since you're going to die anyway so you might as well try again. Just because you fail at something it doesn't mean you're a failure, what really matters is what you do afterwards. Do you give up? Do you blame someone else? Do you blame the circumstances? Or do you dust it off and try again? I've had enough life experience and seen enough things to confidently say that for the most part (there's obviously always exceptions) you end up where you belong. Do you think you should be the manager or ceo or whatever at your work because you're better/smarter than him/her? Guess what? You're probably not, you're not good enough until you ARE the manager or ceo or whatever. If you were good enough or hard working enough you'd be in his/her shoes. Here lies another problem with people's mentality, how they view the road to success.

One of the best lines I've ever heard came from the movie "the incredibles", I know, unexpected. The line was "if everyone is a superhero, then no one is". We can take this philosophy and apply it elsewhere. Lets assume you and thousands of others were given a task to collect as many pebbles from a beach as you can and the winner wins some sort of prize. So you start collecting pebbles like everyone else, when you finally get to a point where you collect so many pebbles that you think to yourself, "there's no way anyone has collected as many pebbles as me, I think I'll stop". Then they tally up how many pebbles you collected and it turns out you collected the average amount. Wait what? You collected soooo many though. Guess what? That's exactly what everyone else thought (everyone is a superhero, so no one is). To be successful at something you need to realize that people will generally put in the same effort to accomplish the same task. You need to go beyond the average to become a superhero. It sounds so simple, yet people ignore this all the time. You want to be a rich, successful badass? Get in line, that's most people. The ones that make it are the ones that get to the point of "there's no way anyone has collected as many pebbles as me, I think I'll stop", but instead of stopping they realize that's what most people think so they continue and collect 2,3,4,5.... times that amount.

Obviously there are different types of success, work/money and social. However, there's a reason those two usually go hand-in-hand. Those people who are successful in both those categories have something that a lot of people are missing and that's balls. They have the balls to take the risk and say "I'm good enough". I've seen so many questions of people asking: does she like me? should I ask her out? yaddy yaddy yadda. Guess what? You all have no balls. Are you interested in someone? Then go to her/him and do what you can to win her/him over. If it worked, awesome, you got what you wanted. Did she/he tell you to fuck off? Who cares, you're going to die anyway and 100 years from now no one is going to care that Stacy laughed at you for asking her out to prom. You went out there and tried to make your life better for you, to make yourself happy and that's what truly matters.

The real meaning of life is that there isn't one, it's up to you to decide what it is. In my opinion, the meaning of life is to make it memorable. The world begins with your birth and ends with your death, whatever happened before you were born doesn't matter, it's in the past and what happens after you die doesn't matter since you won't be around to experience it. After you take your last breath you will drift away into nothingness, just as you were drifting before you were born. Wouldn't it be nice though to know that on your deathbed that you lived the life you wanted? That you did your best. That you really went for it, whatever it was. To be filled with memories of accomplishments, failures, happy times, sad times, people you love, places you've traveled to. Wouldn't it be nice to die with a smile on your face and warm memories? Life is meaningless, it's up to you to give it meaning, get going, your days are numbered. Tik tok, tik tok.

Living a more fulfilling life.


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  • The ability to think and have emotions makes humans greater than animals. And because of this, humans should be caretakers to the animals and the environment.

    I agree that having goals and doing everything in your power to achieve them, makes a person go above average. And it makes sense to go after the kind of life you want to have. But people who sacrifice their life to help others lead an equally meaningfull life, if not more. And people who, no matter how much they try, face hardships we can't even imagine, and still fight to get better and have a will to go on and a thirst for life despite everything, are the ones I admire the most.

    Now, after death, it's my personal opinion that our soul isn't lost and the body will get resurrected.


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  • this is one of the best things I ever read

    it also sent electrical chills throughout my body when you said "100 years from now no one is going to care that Stacy laughed at you for asking her out to prom."

    I asked a girl named stacy to prom haha

    • Haha I just used the first name that popped into my head.

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  • I liked this very, very much, thank you. Keep writing!


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  • Everyone is where they belong? Really? Cool story bro.
    You're less mature than I am.

    • If you work hard AND smart you can move up in the world, there's always exceptions and it might be easier/harder depending on where you start, but for the majority of people this is true. If you're not where you think you belong, it means you haven't worked hard enough to earn it. People are terrible at being honest and self-critical since that gets in the way of their ego, it's much easier to blame others or circumstances than to take the blame about their failures.

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    • beat it OR you can stop trying to peg responsibility for things that are out of your control and concentrate on things that you can control like working hard and smart to maybe make your dreams come true. Also, I have/had friends that are homeless now and they didn't become homeless because of the "system", nope in fact they came from very well off families, one got a 60K car as his first car. The reason they became homeless is because of drug addiction and lazyness, wait a couple years after high school and you'll see the same.

    • Nobody belongs in poverty. And you can change the world to make it a better place, if you have enough support. It's very convenient to say that it always is someone else's fault, which is exactly what you are doing.