Females Can Be Free-Runners As Well!

Usually we get to see male free-runners. But this doesn't mean there aren't any female free-runners of course!

(7/10. Very good and she could do better I believe!)

(9/10. Awesome, but was she wearing make-up during parkour? So bizarre...)

(10/10. A real pro! She can do better than most males clearly!)

(9/10. Amazing, just only 1-2 fails.)

(9/10. Only a few fails here and there, but she is awesome, an ideal type of girl!)

(8/10. Short video so she couldn’t show off all her skills, but very good up to this point.)

(10/10. Perfect! She could do parkour even carrying a backpack, and judging by her face she must be in her 30s as well!)

(8/10. Although there were some obvious fails, she has a good balance.)

(10/10. She can fly literally! And she is a funny person as it seems. Perfect girl to hang around with!)

(9/10. Awesome skills, and almost no fails at all!)


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  • Brilliant, thanks Klaatu I was just thinking the other day where are all the women free runners at.

  • I know, I watched America warrior (or ninja whatever that show is). Free running is always dangerous!


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