8 reasons why Donald Trump would NOT get my vote

8 reasons why Donald Trump would NOT get my vote

1. He does not know how to talk to people.


On his show Celebrity Apprentice, he is seen berating men and women. Behind the scenes, he has been accused of much worse. Several women have brought up the fact that he has sexually harassed them off camera.

2. We have seen this dog show before.


Trump is one trick pony. How can we possibly take him seriously as a candidate? He has pretended to run in 1987, 1999, again in 2004, 2008 and most recently in 2011.

3. He says our country needs saving while benefiting all it has to offer.


Tell me, in what country could you wipe out your debt 4 times? Trump filed only taking a financial hit the first time. We are unique because we give people a chance to correct their mistakes and rebuild. Trump uses bankruptcy as a get out of jail free card. That I am sure is not how it was intended on being used.

4. He has the audacity to put down a whole country in his speech.


"[Mexico] are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing problems to us. They are bringing drugs, and bringing crime, and they're rapist."

5. Millennials do not take him seriously.


The fact that he thinks he can appeal to us is hilarious. Trump is a joke to most Millennials. They look to him as a CLOWN. One that is easy to mock. Trump's run for president will be a joke.

6. Trump is a meta troll.


Somehow, Donald Trump, summoning up all his wisdom, decided to make an issue out of Obama's birthplace. Of all these things to tear into Obama about, his birthplace should not be one of them. The fact this issue lasted more than a year shows the power of the American Troll Donald Trump.

7. In his announcement speech, he boasted about his wealth with false document.


If you use the excellent power of Google, you can easily discern that Forbes puts Trump's net worth at 4.1 billion, very different from the 9 billion he claimed Tuesday, why would he lie about his wealth? Millions of people need jobs. Who wants to hear about his perceived wealth?

8. A Donald Trump debate makes me wanna puke.

He has money and media influence to force the issue. We will be forced to imagine a reality in which Donald Trump is an actual presidential debate.


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  • Or you could shorten it to one reason.
    1) He's an idiot.


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  • The fact that a lot of people likes him is sooooo disheartening. C'mon people, that guy?
    He's an ass and an idiot.


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  • I would absolutely LOVE to have some cognitive dissonance in an election for once.

    I remember feeling some between Obama and McCain. But there has just been so much absolute crazy-train that it's a matter of "OK, which democrat do I want to be president."

    I mean, imagine an election between Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul. THAT is a stressful decision, there.

    But right now, we have a choice between a dozen or so people who are preocuppied with how their fellow candidates look, some dems on the other side who are very forgettable, Clinton and all her controversey, and then there's Bernie Sanders.

    I don't agree with many of Bernie's ideas.

    Socialized healthcare? Makes sense by now.

    $15 minimum wage? Might be reasonable in the urban areas of California, but where I live, that money goes very far. $9 or $10 might be more reasonable here. Specify an percentage, and let the states/counties determine their minimum wage.

    But he has been consistent since the beginning. He is honest. He has great proof of concept in Vermont. Not only can he not be bought (nice thing about Trump, too), but he plans to actively eject monetary influence from Congress.

    Oh, and he would be the first non-christian president, at least in a long time. That would be a massive shift.

    • Uh... Socialized healthcare would cost fifteen TRILLION dollars to implement in the US.

      And no, the rich won't be paying for it, the entire WORLD'S 1% has a combined *net worth* of about six trillion as of 2013.

  • Most millennials are niiave and have no real-world experience and as a result vote for democrats because democrats are salesmen, whereas republicans are consultants. Once kids get into their 30s or so they look at their paycheck and say "hey, I'm not some rich old white guy!" After seeing the utterly ridiculous amount of money being taken from them to be given to people who do not work.

    But then again, this up and coming generation doesn't think it needs to work... Or answer to authority... Or that the rules apply to them... We are headed for dark times indeed.

    You want a real reason for not supporting Donald Trump? Because he's really a democrat, perhaps a moderate one, but a democrat.

    • Democrats and Republicans? I've always worried about those two names

    • Because I don't think everyone should live on welfare, but I do think everyone shouldn't be filthy rich. Me personal I'm not a person like " common people''.. but I don't represent a republican ether, I'm a person who speaks my mind on things.

    • Believe me, I have my issues with Republicans, they have many flaws... However they are less flawed than Democrats and until a viable 3rd option rolls around I don't see that dynamic changing anytime soon.

  • you only need 1.
    he is a POS republican.
    and if he ran independent, Ross Perot showed people CEO's don't work. They are used to getting their way. What he says always goes. If he got elected, the Senate would just not do anything (as they have since the republicant's took control) just to show him who really runs things. he would whine and cry then quit.

  • So, who else are you gonna vote for? The traitor Hillary Clinton who should be in prison for doing what she's done? Or how about that socialist Bernie Sanders who advocates "healing capitalism with socialism". Socialism will never work in the United States, not no way, not no how. That's just not American culture! Sure you can argue socialism turned Russia into a super power, but that's Russia. Free market capitalism is what turned America into a world super power, and that's America. Different systems work in different countries with different cultures and traditions. Bernie advocates "Robin Hood" economics by taking from the rich to give to the poor. Well I say, give a man a fish he eats for a day, but teach a man how to fish he eats for the rest of his life! Bernie advocates all these wonderful social programs, but who is going to pay for all that? The answer is the American tax payer will through higher taxes. You can't give away something for free without taking from someone else. The Donald is also a Washington outsider who is very business savvy, he tells it as it is with no bullshit, he's politically incorrect, he wants to secure US borders and put the American people back to work! The Donald I feel is the man who can fix the broken USA right now. Or you could vote for a career politician who hasn't done anything to help you and is only out to serve their own selfish interests over that of the country.

    • socialism will never work in the usa, I agree and that is why i do not support Bernie but facsism will never work here either and that is why im not voting for Trump. a criminal who should be in prison would not work either so i ain't voting hillary either. Kasich looks like a good candidate, he could actually win the election but unfortunately the GOP voters want a rabid alt-right candidate with fascistic beliefs. Oh well, there is always the Libertarian party

  • Yeah he's not getting my vote either

  • Trump is at, what, 32% of of the GOP vote? In other words, the right likes him more than the left likes Hillary.

    He's serving a valuable purpose, even if he doesn't win. He's helping force the public to accept that whites, as a group, have political interests and have the right to look out for themselves and act in their own interests, which the left now shrilly decries as "racism!"

    Funny they never had a problem with every other racial political group... do you see the left slamming the NAACP, or La Raza, for instance? Nope. Only whites are not allowed to say "Doing xyz are in my interests, and I support those political standpoints."

    It's also funny, the double standard...

    Black groups: "Whites and police murder is in the streets with impunity!" Liberals: "Yah, black rights! "

    White groups: "We want to actually enforce immigration laws. Like they're actual laws." Liberals: "OMG, I can't even, the racism is hu."

    • you can't stop the Trumpening, @aliencreature

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    • Its not a straw man, how many companies has he bankrupted after being put in charge only to get away scot free, the answer is nineteen, the reason he makes money, He licenses his name so suckers like you will pay him to understand business. I A. Do not want president who licenses his name. B. He really doesn't understand consequences. C. He wants to run the country like a ceo, Countries aren't companies they are very different things.

    • No candidate is perfect, lmao. Who are you supporting, pray tell?

  • Trump is so terrible. It boggles my mind that people would vote for him. I didn't know most republicans where that crazy. He honestly sounds like hitler

  • The GOP right now is like putting Kim Kardashian, snookie, nicki Minaj and Stephen hawking in a room and asking them to debate black holes and calling it a fair fight. You want to debate the bill of rights or fiscal responsibility for freedom or Liberty or a sound foreign policy but there is only one in the room who knows what he's talking about and that is Rand Paul, he is the only one with a proven track record of voting for the right things on the right issues in the Senate, with a proven track record of actually understanding the issues at hand, but surrounded by a bunch of asshats don't know what the fuck they're talking about, his voice can only be occluded by the stupidity.
    The entire government is quickly turning into idiocracy:

  • He's the joke candidate this year. Frankly I think the reason he's getting so much attention from the press is because the press is unashamedly liberal (seriously, they don't even pretend to be objective anymore), and they know Trump is unelectable. They want him on the ticket because it guarantees victory for the Democratic candidate.

    I honestly don't know who to vote for this year. I lean constitutional libertarian myself, which makes Bernie Sanders a definite no-no, and if anybody else had done half of what Hillary has done they'd be in federal prison. Carson lost me with some of his recent commentary and Fiorina sank the company my father used to work for. What real choices are there?

    • Well I feel that out of all of them, Hillary has the most experience in the white house considering she was the 1st lady for 8 years and then Secretary of State for another 8 years. She is elegant and poised when she speaks and looks like a true president out of all of them.

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    • @drkrose99 Hillary is repugnant. All she does is parrot phrases that sound good to the primary electorate. "There is no such thing as an illegal human"; yeah that is a nice thought but she applies it to immigration law. The fact is there are 7 billion people and counting here on earth and we can't accommodate them all.

    • @drkrose99 Hilary isn't a liberal, she was the corporate lawyer for walmart

  • He isn't my choice, there are 14 other Republicans running as of now. But if he helps to defeat the Demunists and crushes the Commiecrats, good on him. We did not defeat the Soviets abroad just to have a 5th column of them running and ruining the media, the presidency, the courts and academia.

    From importing a larger lumpenproletariat underclass even when African American and Mexican American unemployment is sky high, to bashing businesses they don't like and rewarding corporate crony donors they do like with subsidies, this is among the most treasonous administration in history.

    • Demunist and commiecrat are both portmanteaus of the same 2 words. You didn't have to say it twice.

      You republicans and your buzzwords.

  • Aren't you afraid that one day he'll become president and read it and then take appropriate action?

  • Apart from the Forbes articles, most of those "points" you made were unsubstantiated except by virtue of blogs and 3rd party sources notorious for a liberal bias. Instead of jumping on the political correctness bandwagon, you should really evaluate his goals, what he says, and whether or not you agree.

    I wouldn't vote for Trump either unless it was either him or Hillary, but my reasons are different. I love how politically incorrect he is, but I cannot get over his lack of political experience. Dr. Carson has none either, but at least he seems willing to learn and admit he is not an expert whereas Trump speaks authoritatively about things he knows nothing about.

  • "... He didn't offer any solutions, he just said outrageous things... We thought it was funny... By the time we finally like ok, ok, time to get serious, who's really gonna be president he was already being sworn into office... it was too late! We weren't paying attention... WE WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION!!!"

    You're my favorite female if you know what this ^ is from.

  • I see right through Trumps BS. He can't say everyone is an amazing person. He doesn't know how to talk to people and has a limited vocabulary cause nobody has the balls to correct a billionaire

  • Watch these interview. He even said that Mexico has a blooming economy. The Next China. You know he is a really a Democrat. He likes the Clintons and Obama. He hates George Bush. He said he will not cut social security and health care.


  • 9. His eyes look like bleached asshοles..

  • Dont Millennials believe whatever is most trendy at the time?

    I think you mean the social justice warriors types, and they hate whatever their heroes yell racist at.

    • Yup, just another reason I'm a Gen xer

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    • "Exaggerate much?"

      Which part is the exaggeration? Saying Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers? He actually said that. Wanting to rip families apart? That's basically the cornerstone of his foreign policy. Round them up and ship them out. The debate is between shipping out people born in the US, or splitting families to deport the parents. And I think everyone in the developed world knows about his plan to build a great wall.

      There are certainly things I like about him. Namely the lack of superpacs. But these aren't exaggerations, they are the very thing that people like him for.

    • @OpenClose Yeah people dont like crime, and like it or not criminals are coming over with everyone else. If he said all Mexican immigrants were criminals, then that was a racist attack.
      But technically the illegal ones are.

      And overturning the citizenship laws won't be that easy, and it sounds like liberal alarmist propaganda, honestly. I have never actually where he has said any of that.

      I dont support Trump, or the republicans. But i damn sure dont support this new crazy ass breed of democrat/socialist.

  • Yaaay. Politics

  • Nixon was a small crook, Trump is a big one, that's the difference.
    An American who doesn't pay back his $30K students loans gets in big problems. When Trump's companies go bankrupt once more its about billions.

    • Even Borat knows Trump isn't a serious candidate:


      orat appears on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film. Cohen’s character from Kazakhstan says Donald Trump must be a fictional person, because nobody would try to ban all Muslims from the US unless they have a brain ‘the size of a female chicken’. Borat concludes that Trump must be another one of Cohen’s ‘offensive’ characters.

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  • Good reasons, nice MyTake

  • I herd Donald trump say that he would make America great again and he said he would never for get about people doing and if those things are true I'm voting for him but if those things aren't true then I'm voting for ether Jeb bush or Ted Cruz

    • Yes we need another Bush to start more wars and be shittier to the poor while giving more tax breaks, corporate welfare out to the mega rich. Ted Cruz is bought and paid for also. Evil men the both of them.

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    • guys are more interested in politics unlike women

  • For some reason, I just don't like him

  • I hope he wins. I wonder what'll happen

  • If Trump wins, I'm packing my bags and heading to Narnia.