Texts Any Person Would Appreciate.

Texts Any Person Would Appreciate.

There was a take about texts for your girl, well here's texts for anyone to appreciate.

"How're you doing?/How was your day?"

"I brought food."

"Did you get home okay?"

"Tell me about yourself."

"I want to _____ you."

(Exclude anything violent)

"I bought you this _____."

"I was thinking about you."

"You're perfect."

"Send me a selfie of you."

"I love you/I'm in love with you."

(I personally recommend those be said face to face, not through text.)

"Do you want this item?"

"You made me smile."

"So I was talking about you today.... :) "

"You made me happy."

"Good morning/Good night."


What other texts do you like receiving?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think number 3 "Did you get home okay?" is a nice one. The one I think is good for anyone to send or receive if there is a feeling something is up is "Are you okay" which gives the receiver an out with "I'm Good" or they can respond with "No, I am not good" which gets a "Why" or "Is there anything I can do?". Again the receiver can say "I don't want/ can't talk about it" or they can open up about their problems.


Most Helpful Girl

  • What's wrong with "I love you" in a text message? That can be... just right, as long as it's sincere.

    And not overplayed.
    "I love you" is like swear words, in the sense that it totally loses its effectiveness if it's said too often.
    It should be rarely spoken... but ALWAYS shown. Actions louder than words bla bla bla.


    Personally, I'm partial to having my more monotonous afternoons pierced by messages like "You're a dirty slut." After 15 years of marriage, it's badder and sexier than ever.

    These messages are just as awesome when they come from across the living room, when the kids are around.

    • I mean like if it's the first time saying it to someone. it means more face to face

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    • Yah, of course not. But, neither are some of the ones in yr list -- totally depends on the individual.

      Like, for instance, "Did you get home okay?"
      lol... I always like to answer these with "No." Just to see what the response is like, hahah. But... really, too much of this just grates on me, because I really, really, REALLY hate excessive "check-ins" and anything else that smacks of possessiveness and so on.
      I mean, it's the same thing I talked about here, earlier today

      It's really all about knowing the other person. But, absolutely yes there is such a thing as showing too much concern, just as there is such a thing as not showing enough of it.

    • Yea I understand what you mean, I just meant all these in general for the general population of AG

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What Guys Said 5

  • I wuv you so much! So much wuv!

  • It's a all fun and nice but nothing beats an rl conversation with the person you like in my opinion.

  • Damn I wish I could text a girl that first one and she'd either laugh or fuck me.

    • Haha I was thinking the same thing. Definitely gonna have to try it out some day

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    • Fair enough.

      He's also one of those boys who just effortlessly gets women, anyway, so it's probably a bad idea to generalize from things that have worked for him.

  • awww

  • What was that?


What Girls Said 2

  • Some of these are really good to read/hear. Of course the person who says it has also a big importance.

  • I love it when I receive these ☺️