Life Hacks- What Ideas You Didn't Know? What You've Been Doing Wrong?

I’m just going to keep this short, sweet and simple (like this cupcake) haha

Life Hacks- What ideas you didn't know,?What you've been doing wrong?

and show you some interesting things that you may have not been aware of..

Crossing Out Words

Sometimes we make those errors while writing, but we tend to cross them out? Why not write random letters on top of the mistake to make it unnoticeable?

Keeping your wires untangled- Use a bread tag to keep them nice and neat..

Don’t have any? Use a paper clip

Don't have a paperclip? Use two clothes pegs :D

Drinking soft drinks (soda) using a straw

Simply swing the tab across and over, and pop your straw in the tab hole

The chip bag fold

Folding your potato chip bag to seal in the freshness without the use of clips

Do I need to say more? LOL :P

Ironing a button up shirt

Turn the shirt inside out so you can iron on top of the buttons without bumping into them..

Ice coffee lovers

When making ice coffee, pour some hot coffee mix into an ice cube tray to prevent them from diluting your ice coffee <3

Ice water on the go

Fill your water bottle with a quarter of water and lay it flat in the freezer. When you need it, grab your bottle and fill it up with water. That way you can have an icy cold drink for longer :)

How to tell when an avocado is good to eat

If you know any life hacks that you'd like to share.. go ahead and comment down below!

Thanks peeps (*^_^*)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Aha! Life hacks are cool things. I do some of the things you mentioned. The folding chip bag is too much struggle. I just place one hand over the opening and twist the rest with another lol.
    Mine life hacks are cheap in front of yours but here it is :- (there is another take inside) that's just intended for humor, dunno if anyone really implement them or not πŸ˜‚

    • I had a quick scan!! That one air con and pants LOL XD *dies on the floor from laughter* Some of the stuff looked dangerous as ':)

    • Yeah lol creative minds. I want to invent one too.

    • I'm sure you'll come up with an awesome idea! Haha XD

Most Helpful Girl

  • Love the photos to accompany everything! :) I'm a visual person, so those definitely help each bullet point.

    • Hehe thanks babes! I'm quite visual too lol so I needed pictures XP for sniggity

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  • I personally prefer twisty ties over bread clips or paper clips. It tends to smush my wires less and is easier to adjust for different sizes of wires. It also takes up less space than clothes pegs/pins.

    Ideally, small velcro straps are the best. Then you can attach one end of the velcro stap to the cable and just tie the other end around the cables and loop/velcro it. Velcro is what I like to use for all my music audio cables so I don't have to untangle a bunch of black 5 - 30 ft chords later on lol.

  • "Crossing Things Out"

    I've always been really bad at spelling, like some people suck at math my brain doesn't like spelling grr.." I got really good at writing over top of letters and words to correct them or turn them into new words so I almost never end up scribbling stuff out.
    This was also good for my vocabulary because I would think of different words I could use that I thought I could spell properly instead of the one I wasn't sure how t spell correctly. Our school did a vocabulary test of all the students when I was in grade 10 and scored higher than anyone else in my class in the college level lol.

    • Congrats! It seems like writing words on top of your mistakes have worked well for you :) do you still do it now? Or been a pro at spelling ever since you did that?

    • lol I've never improved at spelling, but thankfully most my writing is done on PC now so auto correct is my friend.

    • Hehehe lucky you πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ˆ

  • All these seem like good advice but I am just too damn lazy to do most of that... But I'll definitely do the avocado one that actually is really useful knowledge that I honestly didn't know.

    So I just remove the stem and wait for the hole inside to turn yellow?

    • Pretty much just remove the stem 😌 And yeah HAHA some of the stuff shown above. I'm just to lazy to use. But I'll try and incorporate them in my day to day life

  • Aha, the chip bag fold... thank you, now i have something to show my wife in the kitchen, yea... earning points today whoo hoo!!

  • All very good tips - Must remember them

  • Chip-bad fold looks too complicated to remember without doing. Nice show though! Writing letters over letters sounds like a good way to cover one's tracks! (Why use random ones when one could use whole words, preventing dictionary attacks since all words are in a dictionary?) If one is not concerned about others reading it, then a simple strikethrough will usually do in my opinion.

  • crossing out:or you could just, like, not make a total mess all over your paper and use one, two lines maximum to correct your mistakes.

  • i'd like to add one:
    a dry erasable marker will erase ink. how well depends on the surface.

    most common use is erasing sharpee ink from a whiteboard. write over the sharpee, then wipe away.

  • Well sometimes when I'm chilling by myself and watching a movie or something, I'll wear my hoodie backwards with popcorn in the hood (so I can eat popcorn withou hands 😁). Then I put my arms inside the hoodie for maximum warming potential!

  • I didn't know that "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same thing.

  • Do people really not know these things? Is this truly the height of humanity?

    • Some people aren't aware. Of course lol
      Don't be surprised when it comes to humanity.

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