A Tour Around Melbourne

Hi peeps! As much as I’d love to travel and explore the world, there is nothing like coming back home to Melbourne. For those who have never been to Melbourne (let alone Australia) I’d like to give you a mini tour of some places that you should visit when being here. I’d hope that in your future travels, you’d consider visiting Melbourne (Australia in general) and enjoy your time being here :)

Eureka Tower

Eureka Tower is Melbourne’s most stunning observation deck in the world. Located in the heart of the city centre the tower has 88 floors and is a whopping 297 metres in height (975 ft). Eureka Tower provides 360 degree views of the city, docks and rivers from the 88th floor, and you’ll be able to walk freely around and view Melbourne from the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere. You’d be able to get professional photos taken of you and/or friends in “The Edge” where a box will hover over the city buildings and streets. General Admission is $20.00 while The Edge is an extra $12.00.

A Tour Around Melbourne

Chapel Street

Another place located on the side of the city centre. This place is the heart and soul of fashion, restaurants and cafes/pubs (It's where I work also). This place is busy like peak hour traffic. I recommend trying out as much café/pubs and restaurants as you can. It’s pricey depending what you crave to eat. After having something to eat, have fun shopping, watch a movie in the Jam factory or just stroll around and enjoy the scenery.

Luna Park

The biggest theme park that Melbourne has to offer. Situated in St Kilda (which is also in the city area) this is a popular place to visit when visiting Melbourne. With various rides and games to play with upcoming events being held throughout the year, if you wanted to have fun and let loose, come and spend sometime in Luna Park.

Royal Botanical Gardens

If you aren’t interested in what I provided above, how about a nice walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens? 38 hectares (94 acres) of beautiful landscapes, which consist of native and exotic plants, take a walk or have a picnic under a beautiful Oak trees.

Melbourne Zoo

What to look forward to in Melbourne Zoo is the amazing Butterfly house, trail of the elephants, orangutan Sanctuary, the Asian rainforest, Australian Outback (kangaroos, koalas, wombats etc), Great Flight Aviary (which contains all of our different species of birds), Savannah (Giraffe, zebras, ostriches), Lion Park, Wild Sea, the reptile house, African rainforest and so much more!

There you go GaGers! Of course there is plenty more in store, but I’d rather you to travel here and come and explore it for yourself! No more spoilers! Thank you for reading :)

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  • I looooove melbourne! i love all the street art and how u can listen to people playing in the streets :)

    • The street music and art is possibly the best part of Melbourne 😬

    • definitely! and u live there, lucky u haha seems like its impossible to have a boring weekend over there :P lol

    • Haha i work behind around Chapel street and trust me I want to be away from the city centre during the weekends! But yes it's not that boring

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  • I was trying to find you in the glass elevator image! Hmm,... I don't see her! I was never good at "Where's Waldo" (okay, I can't lie, even as a joke! I found that red/white striped dude pretty easily! LOL!) But I still I cannot find me a single Mooky in that elevator picture! What gives?

  • i sadly have a negative association with melbourne as a girlfriend of mine went to study abroad there and ended up cheating on me...

    but regardless I really really want to go to australia... erase the negative association

    • Sorry to hear about your relationship situation. But I'm glad that you want to visit though :)

  • that aussie life lol

  • Not bad for a British prison 😝

    Can't quite understand why I've never been to oz, something always seems to get in the way or I end up going elsewhere. Melbourne has one of the greatest golf clubs on the planet, defo need to visit.

    • Oh my god! Haha yeah luckily I'm not a golf fanatic so I couldn care less lol one of my mates live across the road from a golf course but it's funny, he doesn't golf 😝

  • Aussieland is too hot for me. I like the way they talk though :)

    • Too hot? What? Haha far from extremely hot. We didn't get much of a summer 😭

    • Melbourne is very temperate. That's partly why it's expensive.

  • Beautiful, Melbourne is my favorite city in Australia :D

  • Isn't that amusement park in Sydney, across from the opera house?

    • Nope. We have a Luna Park in St Kilda in Melbourne

    • Didn't know that. Did go to the gardens, Chapel Street, and that glass-floored lookout when I was there.

    • It's literally across the street from St Kilda Beach lol yeah Eureka tower is awesome!

  • where do people shuffle?

    • Anywhere and everywhere

    • i have to ask... do they have cassowaries in the 'flight' aviary. hehe

      enjoyed your pictures =) especially the lions.

    • Lol shush.

      And thanks 😌👍🏽

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