Something That Gets My Blood Boiling

I'm not one to be ill-tempered, I certainly don't have anger issues but one thing that really pisses me off is when I am trying to be nice and help someone but then they are such major FUCKTARDS to me for whatever dumb reason they have. "Oh you're too young to know XYZ.", or "OH you're just a girl what do you know?"

You know in the movies/shows where someone does something nice, but then they get shit for it? Yea. Pisses me off!

Something That Get's My Blood Boiling

Just a few moments ago I answered a question, and on there someone stated they wished they didn't live after attempting suicide 3 years prior. I went on to give advice after asking why [it isn't word for word]:


"My exfiance left me, I don't connect with people anymore, women hate me, I hate myself...
I don't know what you want to hear. I just don't see good in anyone. And the women I do see good in are all taken by great guys."


"Well lets see.

You're only 26: I think you need to cut out the self-pity party and no offense, but grow some fucking balls dude! I understand being suicidal but it seems as if everything is all on YOU. If you don't "connect with people anymore" then you're trying to connect with the wrong damn people! The women you're dating are clearly not the women you SHOULD be dating: seems as if thats your type if thats all they do. You don't see the good in anyone anymore? Who's that on? Certainly not any of us.

That's not anyone else's fault but your own. You've allowed life to kick you while you're down and instead of getting back up and saying "Fuck you" to life, you're laying on the ground like a little bitch.

No offense honey, I'm trying to open your eyes to see what I see. Because from what you've said, I see a guy with potential who doesn't wish to attempt on unleashing it. YOU need to make friends who will be better for you than those who left. By branching out. YOU need to (cont.)

look for women that are different than you usually date. Maybe even sleep around a first! You'll meet a lovely lady who will want to have a serious relationship with you.

It seems to me, you are just turning a blind eye to the good and not doing anything to simply turn your head.

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

Now I'm sorry if this came off aggressively but please, just TRY. Don't attempt suicide. Stay strong love, I believe in you. <3 "

Him: "You're only 16. You need to stop trying to give advice to people older than you...I know to never take advice from someone that hasn't achieved more in life than you already have."

Now that is a very good example of me being nice to someone-blunt but trying to help- and them being a total meany to me! (Yes I called them a meany because I don't want someone to get offended and report this for being "Antagonistic")

Now that is just one example. It happens occasionally and when it DOES happen, it makes me so mad I want to hit something. I am ALL about people not judging/discriminating due to age or gender etc. But OKAY. If someone offers help and you refuse it, it's on you, not them.

What's something that really gets your blood boiling?


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  • He really needs to open his eyes. And he may be all suicidal and all but he needs to know that being nice and sweet isn't going to do much. I agree with you tbh. And that's a pretty stupid reason to be suicidal... He needs to grow some balls cuz from what I heard, he hasn't even felt the harsh side of life.

    And yes people use age and race against me. Yeah just because I'm a wetback it doesn't mean I'm stupid and worthless. I find it pretty low if people use race against you. That's one of the only thing that really pisses me off! You skin color or race don't mean shit


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  • Agh I feel your struggle so much! Sometimes I want to go anon on certain opinions or 'mature' topics, just so people won't attack/judge me for my age.

    by the way, I've been in a bad place before like that, and the best thing for me was a verbal slap in the face, so good on you and I think what you wrote was great.
    Also, pretty sure he just responded with the age comment because he was in denial about everything you said. But I understand how infuriating that would be.


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  • Even as an adult, THIS very topic gets my blood boiling.

    I've been involved with teenagers the past 15 years of my life-Whether they be my friends, co-workers, and NOW students, and I have some of the most intelligent, and open minded conversations with teenagers. Conversely, I will come across closed minded, idiotic adults on a daily basis.

    I think legitimate advice, and discussions comes from the person; not the age.

    • i believe they do too

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    • Yea I would like that a lot better
      and id agree but i dont pay much attention to peoples ages on here.

    • And men in their 20's are no different than teenagers. They act like 15 year olds lol.

  • Haha wow, i just looked at that question, and saw those comments, but i didn't remember the guy's name.

    I mean, in all fairness, some people don't respond well to constructive criticism and bluntness - especially people as unstable as him. Maybe you should've put it a little more softly, but you still meant well, and offered great advice, and he should've seen that and heeded it. His comment was still inappropriate and wayyy uncalled for.

    by the way, Joffrey totally deserved that xD

    • i know but im not gonna sugar coat shit. no one needs diabetes!

      and i dont watch the show, i just needed a slapping gif lol

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    • Maybe you have a point. But ya never know, maybe he only targeted your age like that because he was angry and lashing out.

    • Hey its still on him. Sometimes a good ole slap to the face like that works a lot better than kissing all over someone

  • Well you weren't in the wrong here but he does have a point when it comes to teens and pre-teens talking about some subjects. I mean this isn't one of those times but you get what I mean.

    You didn't do anything wrong here and he reacted in a negative way which he shouldn't have done. I have to ask though have you ever suffered through actual real depression? because if you haven't it's kind of hard to get through to people going through it, not because your young but because unless you've been through what they have you can't possibly know how or what they feel or what's going on through their head even if you think you do.

  • I think it was you kicking him while he was down, not life.
    You can't just tell people what they're supposed to do with their lives, no matter your age.

    • ah yes me supporting him and giving him advice is telling him he's worthless

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    • lol but he hasn't because he said so himself
      i tried to help and he didn't take it
      and Jere im not in the fucking mood so FUCK OFF

    • Well, he probably wasn't in the mood for being insulted either.

  • Its not exactly the same but I used to be pretty hardcore at the gym, I had a great body but got fucked by life and lost all my gains. I remember one time when the skinny me went to the protein store and asked for some good night time protein, a huge guy gave me some shitty product. I explained that this product is not good to consume at night and blablabla then he looked at me and laughed and said OK with a smile on his face. That pissed me off.

  • You should've told him to attempt it again.

  • I think you might have been too harsh on him.


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  • Oh yeah I saw that topic. That's a bit of a pathetic reason to be suicidal, if you ask me, but then again everyone is different

  • Same. I hate when people tell me just because of my age that I shouldn't be giving advice. I mean sure I'm young, but I have experience in the world, and I could help you with a thing or two, but nope just because of my age they won't listen. Assholes. Lol.

  • Does the dudes name have the world apple in it at all?

    I can't stand arguing with mouth-breathers. Though it's hard to ignore them because the stupidity just makes you want to bury them into the ground.

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    • @FallOutBoy2001 I found out about this meaning stupid people while watching this one YouTube video.

    • Oh makes sense