3 Important Things People Need to Take VERY Seriously

1. Confiding with the trustworthy

If people want to feel heard and be heard, they should start now by refraining the response, "I'm fine", to questions like, "How are you?", and, "What's wrong?". In my opinion, "fine" is too indifferent and doesn't cover the myriad of emotions people tend to harbor within themselves.

Whether on the downfall or peak of life, confiding with people worth the trust helps lead an optimistic view in life.

3 Different Things People Need to Address Ever So Seriously

This needs to be taken seriously...

...to unveil true emotions.

When we trust someone so much, we eventually pour all our feelings without hiding a single thing. Being acknowledged for who we are is simply priceless.

...to have someone understand and even sympathize.

Besides, questions like, "How are you?", and, "What's wrong?", are often good initiators of a lengthy and meaningful conversation.

...to be genuinely trusted back.

When this happens, a profound friendship is born, no doubt.

2. Taking care of the environment

It is no denying that we need the environment to prosper in our own human ways. Likewise, the environment needs us to prosper in its own natural ways.

This needs to be taken seriously...

...to make nature great again.

We'd like to marvel at the beauty of biodiversity and we should compel our future descendants to do the same.

...to battle extinction.

The present conditions of the environment have significantly affected endangered species.

They are at risk on being extinct and, therefore, are at the risk of not continuing their roles in the ecosystem.

...to have an environment conducive for healthy living.

Inhabitants in a healthy environment are more likely to prosper and live longer than inhabitants in an unhealthy environment.

I may not have valid grounds to meddle with everyone else's way of living but...at least people might like to bring fulfillment and purpose to their humanly existence by doing effortless measures like:

a. Reporting illegal cases of environmentally detrimental activities to concerned authorities;

b. Recycling and exercising waste management or waste sorting, and;

c. Helping keep the streets clean.

3. Time Management

Should it be for school, work, or recreation, it's equally important to allocate priorities by engaging in matters worth the time, effort, and physical capability.

This needs to be taken seriously...

...because time is ticking and we are not capable of getting it back.

Don't waste precious minutes on something not worth attention and engagement. Simple as that.


...so that decision-making will always count.

Make sure decisions count so that we won't regret anything in the long run.

If you made this far, well thank you for reading this.

Have a good day.

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  • Yes I agree that plp needed to understand that relationships are important and the ecosystem we live in is precious. Also, many do not understand time is something u cannot get bad and wasted time is not reusable.