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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Dogs Are Not Less Evil Than Cats

People tend to argue that dogs are better because there is a myth that dogs are good and cats are evil. They are portrayed as opposites who chase/fight each other. Cats are thought to be evil, especially black cats. Cats are affectionate but you have to earn their affection which is more respectable than a dog who gives it away freely.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Some cats save lives as there are dogs who save lives. You see how dogs can be bad? The dog attacked the child and the cat saved the child.

Cats Have Many Lives

Cats have nine lives! It's a myth but they are less fragile than dogs which is due to their dexterity with landing the right way and escaping dangerous situations. Cats have survived situations that would've injured another animal. This is why you shouldn't save cats because they can save themselves and they could scratch out of frustration. On average, cat lifespans are longer than dog lifespans. This means your kitten will last longer than your puppy.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Don't Need As Much Attention

Dogs are very needy and require more attention than cats do. Cats are very chill and don't need you to spend time with them when you're busy. Cats won't cry but dogs will cry and get depressed if they get ignored. They don't need to be taken on a walk in a leash. This means cats let you have more precious time to yourself.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Are Better At Pest Control

Cats can kill rodents and insects. Cats do a better job at it than dogs do because cats are more interested to hunt the critters!

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Look Better Than Dogs

This is hands down obvious.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
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Most Helpful Guy

  • genuinlysensitive

    I love that video! Cats don't fuck around man! FYI there are more injuries from dog attacks than cat attacks, just saying. As @Mustachekitteh pointed out they also smell better, because they bathe themselves. Not having to walk them is a big thing too. My ex girlfriend would constantly say she froze her ass off walking her dog in the snow, twice a day. Meanwhile my cat and I were chillin in our nice heated house, watching Netflix, lol.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mustachekitteh

    Another thing that's not so great about dogs. Dogs have a stinky natural smell yet cats don't seem to have that. Dogs are tick magnets yet cats never get them due to their cleaning habits, it hurts when a dog jumps on you, and dogs can't retract their claws like cats. Which due to that they end up clawing your leg some.

    • The smell is because cats bathe and groom themselves, dogs need you to do it.

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    • @btbc92 Yeah dogs are cute and super silly. :D

    • Maybe it has to do with the breed? My ex's wiener dogs never really smelled as long as she bathed them.

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  • JustinTheGreat

    I'm more of a cat person, but at least dogs actually give a shit about their owners lol
    A cat will bite and scratch you even after owning it for years, dogs love you and would never hurt you. I'm convinced cats only 'love' you because you give them food

    • A cat will only bite and scratch you if you piss it off or if its in a playful mood and hasn't been taught not to.

      So if you have a cat that scratches you its your own fault.

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    • @BaileyisDarcy You are right. I heard of many stories of cats waking up their sleeping owners when the house is on fire.

    • @BaileyisDarcy Essentially. Cats unlike dogs who will put up with literal beatings from the owner but never bite the hand that feeds, if you are an asshole to the cat, or if you don't train a wild cat it will hiss and swat at you. Also, people don't seem to realize play mode for cats = hunting mode, so people are surprised when they go to play with a cat and the cat scratches them.

  • DreamConfections

    Amazing video.
    That's why I like more cats. I had bad experience with dogs too and their dumb owners.
    At least cats didn't attack me and tried to tear flesh and break bones. They don't have such power.

  • btbc92

    Actually your wrong about one thing. Cats do cry. It really all depends on the bond you share with your animal, and how much do you consider them as family, how deep is your connection and love. How close is your relationship with them, or are they just another pet? Because when you just treat them like another pet, they'll just treat you like any other human. And less likely to defend and protect you. Treat them with respect and they shall respect you as a human and family member. :)

  • Clarisa_

    yesssss! I love my sleepy baby!!


    • My cat looks just like yours! At birth he was white, when he got older his fur darkened and now he looks just like that :3 what did you name him?

  • Paris13

    Beautifully Done, Hun... I am a cat Lover by Heart from the Start.
    For me, they just have Always been My favorite, and Easier to Care for when I am Away any Day.
    Good luck and So adorable!! xx

  • LillyTheGinger

    They are equally awesome and I love them both. My dogs and cats don't fight. Probably because they grew up together. I agree that dogs demand more attention. But my dogs are more loyal to me than my cats. lol. I love to cuddle cats than dogs though. See, they're just both amazing, I couldn't decide which is better. :D

  • posted

    I like them both, that videos pretty cool, if a dog attacked me or my family I'd kill the fucking thing on the spot though.

    • Anonymous

      I like you ❤️

  • justagirl5

    I have and love both! I used to only be a cat person but then my family adopted a puppy and I fell in love. ❤️ Wouldn't trade either, though my cats are sadly almost at the end of their journey. I'm gonna miss them but will get more once I'm done grieving

  • zorro8888

    Say something else about dogs OP!

  • 99percentangel

    Cats? Dogs? I love them both equally. 2.bp.blogspot.com/.../oacg240.gif

  • Phoenix98

    You know they proved that cats actually want to hunt/kill you, and now whenever I hear Sophie my black cat running around at night it creeps me out a bit because all I hear in the darkness is that little bell 0_0 then it's all over.

    That being said Cats are awesome, way more individuality then dogs, but I love em both.

  • prettygirly91

    I'm more of a dog person lol. I have a dog and a cat and honestly my cat is a lot more needy than my dog. She'll cry for food, cry for attention, and she likes to follow me everywhere and always has to be touching me. My dog is more independent but he loves to play when I say "wanna play?" Lol!

  • ayylamo

    "Cats Don't Need As Much Attention"
    It depends on the cat. My parents have one cat that's antisocial and one that demands attention all the time.

    "Cats Are Better At Pest Control"
    Like that one time she brought a live rat into our house... and didn't kill it.

  • chc0009

    As a man, I say cats are better than dogs, since they're less noisy, they're less jumpy, and their purrs are more comforting than barking.

  • BCRanger10
    • ayylamo

      One could argue that any pet that serves no useful purpose is pointless.

  • Ahmed_Sy15x

    I've seen dogs sharing their food with other dogs, but never saw a cat doing this + dogs are loyal as hell, you will understand what i mean, just type "dog crying on his owner's grave" in YouTube

    cats are cleaner that dogs by the way

  • gobsmacked3

    Cats are nature's Sociopaths

    the have such charm and appeal but have a real dark side. They know it too but care little and we know it but still adore them

  • macix670

    Well I respect both species. They are very different from each other and cannot be compared. They both make wonderful pets for different kinds of people.
    There is no animal I dislike except for maybe snakes.
    In all, I prefer dogs as pets.

  • DaModernDaVinci

    The preference lies in where the allergies don't manifest. Cats are evil in that respect, as I can go hugging and smothering by face in a dog's fur coat all day and not sneeze once.

  • colourz

    cats only come around when they want something... like women

  • WhaChaChaKing

    Both are amazing but the attention thing makes cats win for me. I don't have enough energy for dogs.

  • Maxemeister

    Cats are mini tigers and tigers are solitary animales who eat humans and are less friendly

    Dogs r mini wolves that are social animals

    • Haven't you ever seen the Grey? Wolves eat people too.

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    • @WhaChaChaKing My rabbit rn is trying to find out the mystery of the fan

    • My cat is snooping into everything he's already snooped before.

  • Gommers

    Title Change Request:

    6 Reasons Why Anons Shouldn't Be Able to Post MyTakes

  • TheButterfly

    Cuz you develop a new baby language when addressing your kitty.

  • KittieCat

    As a cat I disaprove of this message. Both cats and dogs are great ^^

  • Dimmu

    Dogs are boring, they always obey
    Cats have character , you have to tame her

    • zagor

      Yeah, take a good long walk with your cat and see how that goes...

    • Tell that to my dog and my friend's dog. Sassiest fucking creatures I've ever met.

    • ayylamo

      "Dogs are boring, they always obey"
      Lol yeah no

  • EmoKate97

    Doggies are better.

  • Jehovahkiin

    This.. is.. just Infuriating!!

  • RainbowFanGirl

    I love both, so there's that.

  • FrankReynolds

    Cats Rule!!

  • Shorty1991

    So true. I used to have 3 cats. I miss them. :(

  • the-mad-german

    Cats are selfish cruel and loners

  • AhGojira

    Ah you're just a bad person.

  • frecklejuice

    I like them both.

  • captainunderpants

    I have both Cats and Dogs and I love them equally!

  • Anonymous

    I fucking hate cats! I will never forget the day my friends cat stratched the fuck out of me! DOGS FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Aww I love cats. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    dogs are annoying

  • Anonymous

    I like cats way more than dogs. Dogs smell, poop wherever they want and bark. So annoying. Cats are laid back until you piss them off. Cats dont mess around!

  • Anonymous

    The biggest plus in my mind is - Cats don't bark.

  • Anonymous

    Cats don't stink as much as dogs. Dogs smell so gross. I'd never have a dog again, nightmare.