7 Weird Things Taco the Great Wants Out of Life

1) To have a stereotypical otaku room.

I shall keep all my waifu and husbando pillows in here.

Weird things Taco the Great wants in life.

2) To have a princess looking room to go with the style of clothing I like.

Simply because I deserve it. *-*

3) To have an elf ear body modification.

Taco the great likes her mythical creature looks. I can't help it, but at least these can be hidden behind flat ironed hair. or a wig.

4) A portal to the anime world.

Who doesn't lowkey want this though?

5) To buy one of Mertailors or Merbella's mermaid tails, or to make my own if I can get the technique right and the materials.

They're super expensive though. One tail can cost well over 2.5k. Why must they be so pretty? :(

6) An S.O. who is into alternative fashion.

This one's probably expected since I'm into alternative fashion anyway.

7) My own bakery/patisserie.

Taco the great loves to bake, mate.

What are some weird things you want in life? I want anyone who see's this to post what weird things they want in life either in their own myTake, or down in the comments.


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  • Anime dominates your whole world!!!

  • After seeing sh*t like this I sometimes want access to the *button* so I can end this f*cking world :/
    Then I remember there are actually cool people in it lol

  • So you want an otaku room and a princess room? XD

    • Damn straight I do. I'll sleep in the princess room on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and I'll sleep in my otaku room on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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    • Flirt with a man who you know is gay, and ask him how well you've done.

    • Might give him the wrong impressions. He might think I actually like him! It'd be very weird to explain that to him xD plus I don't really know any gay guys ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • wow. you are a complete girl's girl. one into anime too. :-D

    • I like things that are and aren't girly. :T

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    • wait , i meant you are 1 yr older than me. i forgit i became 21 recebntly

    • yeah. me too around that age

  • Who is Taco the Great?

    • I am, simpleton.

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    • I'm too hot for chill pills they only melt.

  • If you make it to the anime world bring me back a big mecha, I've always wanted one of those.

    • If I go I'm not coming back. You either come with me or stay in the real world.

  • Can i borrow the dreamcast in the otaku room? (bottom right corner)

    • Them's fightin' words boy. >_> It's mine...

    • Aye! ... if you feelin froggy leap mf lool

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