My Most Inspirational Moment

They say the most momentous decision in a woman's life is to have a baby.

I have a spin on this, seeing it as secondary after the crucial decision of choosing the right man to share this miracle. It is why women often are with men by viewing their potential and often ridiculed when this blows up in their face by the man never living up to her belief.

Despite this pitfall, they need to have this view as part of the reason to enter into a relationship. Seeing and respecting the man in the now but always looking ahead to what they could be in the future. As well as factoring in how their influence can compliment in shaping the man they envision. Dissecting this, and deeming whether she has faith in him to father her children.

Leading to 'the conversation.'

It happened on my honeymoon as we laid in bed after celebrating bringing in 1991 in Prague After making love and basking in the afterglow, my wife looked me dead in the eye and exclaimed;

You will make an incredible Father, let us start a family in 1991....'

My only response was silent awe.

With a tear trickling down my cheek representing how deeply touched I was. As the profound chills, tap dancing on my skin and throughout my whole being resided, my overriding feel was the inspiration.

Found in a woman investing the ultimate faith and belief in me.

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  • omg i feel like a stereo typical guy right now... like your story is omg i can't express enough how what have written about females gggrrrr eeewww makes me feel...

    • my apologies for offending you

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    • raging sex is always preferred

    • i concur xx

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